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  • Won Best Town Performance in 2013 Scummies for Perpetual Mylo II
  • Participated in Team Mafia 2015, as part of "The Leftovers". Won 3 out of 4 games.

Completed List Achievements (41/81)

[0] Welcome to your life/There's no turning back Completed on 26/2/13

  • View the list of achievements.

[1] This Game is Broken; It Says My Role in My Title Completed on 21/9/12

  • Join a game.

[2] Forge Your Own Destiny Completed on 10/1/13

  • Win one game as Town.

[3] The First Day of the Rest of your Life Completed on 11/11/12

  • Reach a LyLo Day as Town.

[4] All You Must Do is Follow These Patterns (FOR THE REST OF YOUR GAMING LIFE) Completed on 7/11/12

  • As Town, be on the lynch of a Mafia member.

[5] "Oh, by the way..." Completed on 22/2/13

  • Win one game as Mafia.

[6] Thénardier Completed on 13/3/13

  • As scum, seriously fakeclaim a power role.

[7] ONE OF US ONE OF US Completed on 21/4/14

  • Have your alignment changed midgame. (Modkills don't count.)

[8] "Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?" Completed on 20/10/14

  • Vig someone. Anyone. Preferably during the Day.

[9] Universal Backup Completed on 16/7/13

  • Replace into 10 games.

[12] "I'm kind of a big deal" Completed on 18/11/12

  • Start your own wiki page (requires five completed games; must be current)

[15] Dance, puppets! Completed on 11/10/13

  • Successfully mod one game of Mafia.

[AB] The Show Must Go On (formerly [61]) Completed on 02/01/15

  • As a backup mod, take over for an absent regular moderator and run the game to completion.

[AF] Eternal Rivalry (formerly [70]) Completed on 27/1/13 (theslimer3)

  • Play in at least three games with a player where you do not share the same alignment.

[AG] All One Body We (formerly [76])

  • Participate in five games where there were no modkills or replacements. (All games must have 9 players or more.)

[17] Slayer of Demons Completed on 7/11/11

  • As Town, drive the lynch of a groupscum player.

[18] Trust Fall Completed on 10/1/13

  • As Town, win a game after participating in three-player LyLo.

[19] STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM Completed on 7/1/14

  • As an informative role, claim an (accurate) incriminating result on a scum player who is not allied with you.

[24] We are the Champions Completed on 22/2/13

  • Win as Mafia without losing any members of your faction.

[25] A Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet Completed on 3/12/13

  • As scum, bus all of your scumpartners in a single game.

[27] "How NOT to be seen" Completed on 2/7/13

  • Survive a game as Mafia while maintaining the lowest post count of all living players at all times.

[28] "The day you ALMOST lynched Jack Sparrow" Completed on 17/10/13

  • Lynch a member of an opposing faction after being placed at L-1 that Day.

[29] Memetic Myth

  • Witness five people referring to you by your play. (unprompted)

[30] The "Kenny" Award Completed on 14/6/13

  • Die at the earliest opportunity (Day 1/Night 1 in Day Start games, Night 0 in Night Start games, or the Day/Night after you replace in) five times.

[BB] Secret Weapon (formerly [57]) Completed on 09/10/14

  • As Town, replace into a game that has mislynched at least two players. Then lead a successful wagon on scum.

[BC] Why Yes, I SHOULD Be Here (formerly [62]) Completed on 12/7/13

  • While using a hydra or alternate account, successfully complete a game without posting from the wrong account. (Min. 25 posts)

[BE] The "Battle Mage" Award (formerly [75]) Completed on 7/9/13

  • At any point in your history, be non-Town in three out of the last six games in which you were still alive on Day 3.

[33] Untouchable Completed on 10/1/13

  • Go through an entire game without dying or garnering a single vote beyond the first 100 posts.

[37] Death on Contact Completed on 26/4/13

  • As a Town replacement, identify and catch at least two scum.

[41] I'd like to thank my parents and mith Completed on 3/3/14

  • Win a Scummy.

[CB] It's All About Me (formerly [79]) Completed on 14/2/14

    • As scum, lose all of your scumpartners before Day 2 or at once. Then survive to endgame.

[42] The Tribe Has Spoken Completed on 1/2/13

  • Get lynched Day 1.

[43] Cornered Completed on 28/3/13

  • Get lynched as Town at LyLo.

[45] Good Night Completed on 1/2/13

  • Get lynched with yourself on the wagon, preferably as scum.

[46] "I believe you found my chainsaw" Completed on 12/9/13

  • As scum, become the recipient of an incriminating investigation.

[51] Cobalt's Law Completed on 29/5/13

  • Be on every lynching wagon and L-1 wagon in a game, provided they are not against yourself.

[53] Too Clever by Half Completed on 19/1/13

  • Get lynched following a gambit.

[DA] Why Me? (formerly [58]) Completed on 16/4/13

  • As scum, be the last scum alive in the game, but never kill anyone.

[DC] Friends in High Places (formerly [65]) Completed on 12/9/13

  • As scum, win despite getting lynched.

[DE] Revenge of the Vig (formerly [67]) Completed on 27/12/12 (I was the one vig'd)

  • Lose a game due to the game ending during Night instead of the normally-expected LyLo Day that would have occurred were it not for the choice night-kills.

[DH] Unsolicited Advisor (formerly [73]) Completed on 26/6/13

  • Participate in the postgame commentary of a game you were not in.