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2019 games

UNfolder.png2013a & 2012

Micro 837: Joint Operation Mafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) MariaR Red Mafia Goon Started Survived Red Mafia win
7v1v1 with each scum knowing who the other is. With it being nightless, I needed to get 7 people including the other scum eliminated in order to win; not the easiest task. The other scum scumslipped D1 and got eliminated however, and I then did my best to lead and managed to miseliminate the whole town.

The winning scum was Wisdom.

no deadlines mafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme xyzzy Fruit Enabled Vigilante Started Killed N5 Scum and Jester win
I was the official 3p hunter this game. I figured out the jester was scum, I figured out the SK was scum, but the mafia eluded me for the most part. I also deathtunneled on town Gamma who I believed I was an expert on reading, which hurt. I didn't manage to get a single vig shot in, as two were blocked by the mafia roleblocker and the other one landed on the bulletproof SK. Oh well. Could do worse.

The winning scum team was Enter, the worst, Purrcocet, singletonking and Dannflor. The winning jester was Ausuka.

Booneytoonz IX - Under The Sea

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme Gamma Emerald Rolecop Started Killed N5 Town win
Pretty townsided setup. I had pretty good reads, eliminated two scum and was about to eliminate the third, but gave in to setup spec. Town won the next day anyway.

The winning town was Wisdom, Pink Ball, Creature, Nancy Drew 39, Kaito Momota, Nero Cain, BBMolla, Alchemist21, Chara, Maki Harukawa, Clemency and Nikk.


Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) DrDolittle Vanilla Townie Started Killed D1 Town win
I developed a breaking strategy, only for the mod to amend the rules to avoid it. Then I adjusted it, only for scum to quickly spend their dayvig on me. Very quickly.

The winning town was Wisdom, Vedith, xwing, Creature, Something_Smart, mbaki, and Sashaddin.

Mini 2064 - Giffy-Q

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Mini Theme GuyInFreezer Deputy turned Posthumous Cult Cop Replaced in D1 Killed N4 Scum win
Pretty straightforward game where I thought my townblock was solid and that it would be easy. It wasn't.

The winning scumteam was Pink Ball, Blackjacks (ruru + ofrhz + Krazy), and Enter.

Greatest Idea VII

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme Micc Mafia Compulsive Childkiller Replaced in N1 Killed N3 Town win
Replaced in with my buddy already dead, so effectively SK. Did pretty well in gaining towncred despite townies getting dayvigged and eliminated left and right, and even managed to have everyone claim before me so I can fakeclaim safely. While doing that, I also counterclaimed a werewolf that fakeclaimed my rolecard, and got him eliminated. The remaining werewolf however didn't buy my bulletproof fakeclaim, and killed me. Town ended up winning after a Psychologist managed to convert two serial killers.

The winning town was Vedith, ofrhz, davesaz, NotMySpamAccount, insomnia, TTTT, Almost50, Jingle, DoubtingThomas, Alchemist21, Performer, TemporalLich, Chemist1422, Sakura Hana, and Xtoxm.

Micro 863: Shirley, You Jest

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) Jingle Jester Started Eliminated D3 Jester win
Finally rolled a jester. Which I didn't know how to play, as getting eliminated is rare for me. I went for just playing like my townself, hoping people will eventually scumread me. And it kind of worked; after consecutively eliminating the other two jesters on the first two days, I was eliminated to complete the jester sweep.

The winning jesters were Wisdom, Chickadee and Don Draper x Mistress (Nancy Drew 39 + ???)

Starcraft Mafia: Legacy of the Void

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme Krazy Ma'lash, Mafia Goon Replaced in D1 Eliminated D2 Town win
Don't remember much about this game other than that I was caught by a gunsmith on N1 which led to my elimination despite my protests.

The winning town was popsofctown, Powerpuff Girls (Nancy Drew 39, Auro and Pink Ball), u r a person 2, Alchemist21, Moongrass, Iconeum, Liger_Zero, Hydra TBD, Almost50, Shiro, Flavor Leaf, chennisden and RCEnigma.

Micro 893: True Love

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) Baezu Lover Started Suicided D1 Scum win
Town lover pair with RC. Given how we feel about each other, you can guess how that went. Yep, we were the D1 elimination. Town didn't do any better after that and scum grabbed the win.

The winning scumteam was Creature and Doctor Drew.

Baton Pass

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme northsidegal Mafia Goon Started Left out D1 Scum win
Interesting mechanic where before the standard day phase, town essentially forms a block and leaves out two players, who are eliminated. Nice setup for townhunting, but sadly I was scum, and not only was I left out on D1, but I was left out together with one of my scumbuddies. I thought there was no more hope for this game but somehow we still won.

The winning scumteam was Wisdom, Volpe14, Something_Smart and Kagami.

Undertale Semi-Open 1.1

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Mini Theme popsofctown Vanilla Townie Started Killed N3 Town win
Another interesting mechanic where you could go for different routes and either try to townhunt and "spare" your townreads, or scumhunt and "fight" your scumreads. I wanted to go for the pacifist route, where if we spared four townies we would win. It was going well, we did spare two townies the first two days, but then sadly Nacho paranoia made me push strongly against him, and he got eliminated - then I died. Town still won anyway.

The winning town was Wisdom, Rakan, Ginngie, Elements, Chemist1422, mastina, chennisden, Nachomamma8 and Nymph.

Games I didn't complete

Non Reviewed Game

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme xyzzy N2+ Rolecop Started Replaced out Town win
Was force replaced following a mod error where I received a rolecop result on an ascetic player.