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2015 games

UNfolder.png2013a & 2012

Mini 1628: Rick Santorum Saves Christmas

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Mini Theme Sir Elton Hercules John Righteous Christian Warrior Started Endgamed Mafia win
Didn't take this game too seriously. I had one scumread, Marquis, whom I eventually got eliminated. Among who I thought were the two remaining scum, I had one correct and one wrong. I voted the wrong one in elo.

The winning scum team was Bert, Aronis and Marquis.

(Hilariously) Unbalanced Mafia 2

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme mastin2 Fascist Ninja Started Vig'd N3 Town win
First large game on my own (the previous two were in hydras). I wanted to be town, and I was very unhappy I rolled scum yet again. This, as well as bad play from one of my scumbuddies, made my D1 very apathetic. I got better D2 onwards, but a cop from a different scum faction, Titus, investigated me on N2. She had previously investigated a townie, shos, and had got a guilty, which meant she was insane. Regardless, this meant we were to eliminate between me and shos, and I was doomed either way. I managed to get shos eliminated over me, but it only unsurprisingly led to one of the vigs taking care of me the following night. Was an enjoyable game despite my initial apathy.

The winning town was EddieFenix, theelkspeaks, DrippingGoofBall, Bulbazak, guille2015, Pirate Ika (pirate mollie + ika), Nobody Special, shos, Awesome (Tammy + Espeonage), ArcAngel9, Pine, Muffin, alivechihiro, Alchemist21, Frightened inmate number3, PeregrineV, Ankamius and farside22.

Micro 454:Days are Dark & Nights are Long Mafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Theme) ArcAngel9 Druid, Town Doctor Started Killed N1 Town win
This game had 48 hour deadlines and started with N0. I caught one of the scum there and was pretty sure I had caught the other one too, but that was wrong. I got killed N1 and then the town, despite arguing amongst themselves, managed to find the other one.

The winning town was Wisdom, Mikazuki, SilverWolf, ika, Firesong, Zymf and House.

Mini 1659- Lost Room Mafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Mini Theme Jingle The Coat, Town Bulletproof Started Survived Town win
Quite an easy game, and that was due to the mod making the town too OP, by having a third party that was quite strong and able to win with town. I led a miselimiation D1 on a scummy guy, but figured out the whole scumteam eventually with the help of said third party.

The winning town was Wisdom, bad romance (Marquis + ika), Xayzeck, divacat (pirate mollie + Tere), goodmorning, ooba, farside22, Orion(Antihero + EspeciallyTheLies) and DarkLightA.

The winning third party was Dechs Kaison.

Open 592: Matrix14

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Semi-Open vettrock Vanilla Townie Started Killed N2 Town win
A quite bad town, with lots of bad plays and elimination-bait; but both the mafia and the SK didn't play quite as they should, so in the end town managed to win.

The winning town was Wisdom, Count Dooku, MonkeyMan576, Alchemist21, popsofctown, RIP, Elyse, Zebulin, davesaz and Whomping Willow.

Mod Error Mafia (TM2015)

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Mini Theme (Team Mafia) Magua When the Mod just has to comment, Messenger Replaced in D2 Survived Town win
Team Mafia! I reluctantly said yes to replacing in for EddieFenix, although the playerlist was pretty foreign to me - I had zero or at most one game with most players. This made me constantly paranoid and unable to get strong townreads. shos, once more, fooled me into thinking he was town. Despite that, we only miseliminated on D2 - every elimination afterwards was on scum.

The winning town was Wisdom, Cephrir, T-Bone, xRECKONERx, Iecerint, notscience, Rhinox, Cabd, Bins and Katsuki.

Pokémon Generation II uPick

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme Professor Elm Celebi, 1-shot Delayed Ninja Started Survived Team Rocket win
A bad town. Apathy, fake daycops on town, and to top it all a movecop catching me fakeclaiming my moves yet not realizing it and saying I am legit. We made plenty of mistakes as well and we probably wouldn't have won if it weren't for town being so bad; but regardless, perfect scum victory!

The winning scum team was Wisdom, Mac, Alchemist21 and Tere.

Micro 500: The Luck of the Draw

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Semi-open) Salamence20 Werewolf Psychotrooper Started Survived Werewolf win
My power (reversing all investigations) turned against myself when a Cop (mafia/not mafia results) investigated me and got Mafia. I claimed and managed to convince the town I was a town Psychotrooper. Swiftly dodging the jailkeeper twice and eliminating the sole Mafioso got us the win.

The winning scum team was Wisdom and Lucky2u.

Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A Mafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme pieguyn Hanada Kirame, 1-shot Bulletproof Replaced in D1 Survived Town win
Not very good reads. I was pretty convinced a lackluster Nacho meant scum-Nacho but that was wrong. The vig ate my bulletproof shot N2. Thankfully the tracker caught two scum so the game was easily won. The town was too OP though so I spent the last twilight arguing that the tracker was actually scum.

The winning town was Wisdom, Benjamin Applebaum (notscience + The Bulge), Gin and Sonic (Metal Sonic + Mac), ZZZX, Cabd, Elbirn, Profgessor Emotion (Ms Marangal + mastin2), Sakura Hana, Voidedmafia, Bins, Bitmap, Nachomamma8, Chandra Nalaar, Skybird, Varsoon and singersigner.

Micro 501: V9

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) FakeGod Vanilla Townie Started Killed N1 Town win
Quick elimination, then I got killed N1 because both scum expressed they were scared of me. Okay..? The scum who had quickhammered D1 almost got away with it, but got shot by the vig on the last night.

The winning town was Wisdom, BlueBloodedToffee, Acelleca, Kaboose, notscience, Plotinus, and KayP.

Micro 515: Chosen Mafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) FakeGod Vanilla Townie Started Survived Town win
My two early townreads were the scumteam - pretty par for the course. I also fought with mollie over shit and got paranoid of Xayzeck. In the end our elimination did land on one of the scum, and we would have eliminated the other one too on the next day, but I got paranoid of a newbie. We eliminated that other one on D3 anyway.

The winning town was Wisdom, TiphaineDeath, Crazy, EtherDent (Ether + Yosarian2), Konowa, pirate mollie, and JeanDarc.

Micro 514: Dealing With Dragons Mafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Theme) goodmorning Kazul, Day 2 Governor Started Survived Town win
3 scum in a micro! Though one was a traitor, and we eliminated him D1. Our tracker caught another one D2, and we were all pretty sure who the other one was, only to be wrong and miselimination D3. That led us to a 3p elo with me as conftown - like old times! I chose correctly.

The winning town was Wisdom, Elbirn, The Betting Pool (penguin_alien + Lucky2u), shaddowez, Grayfoxxx and kyndy101.

Tarot uPick II

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Large Theme fferyllt Judgement, Lover/Modified Treestump Started Treestumped D2, Suicided D3 Town win
I was already demotivated when I drew scum, but luck just decided not to be on my side this game. That weak townie I wanted to WK and gain towncred? He happened to be the Mafia Traitor. Did it matter if I still gained towncred nonetheless? No, because Nacho just had to eliminate my lover, who decided to be a scumfuck despite being town. Scumbuddies? Lurking, bad bussing, and worse decisions galore. And top kek? The last scum losing 4p melo because of a mistake in a votecount (though to be fair, it would have been very undeserved if we had won).

The winning town was Fluff Central (notscience + Binks), Perpetual Nonsense (Bert + SXTLHGaiden), Kamigami (Kagami + FakeGod), Oil Tycoons (Nachomamma8 + Syryana), Vedith, Wall of Fire (Cephrir + mastin2), Prohawk, Bacde, Aneninen, Medea the Alien (Cabd + penguin_alien), Klingoncelt, Luna Fox, Ika Zaru (ika + Malakittens), Tammy, Idiocy (TierShift + farside22), and Zelink2.

Games I didn't complete

Mini 1637- Pokemon Generation I uPick

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Open Professor Oak, Ursaring Jigglypuff, 1-shot Global Roleblocker Started Replaced out D2 Town win
The hydra of notscience and Natirasha made a nice setup, and I have to mention that I loved how much the roles corresponded to Pokemon moves, however they did a poor job modding it - infrequent votecounts and huge twilight phases. On top of that, they changed our N1 kill target by mistake, killing a different person than intended. I decided to replace out both because of the poor modding and because I was too burned out on scum and couldn't really play properly. My buddies also had a bad game. Ursaring, a hydra of Micc and caledfwitch, took over the modding N2 onwards, and the game continued swiftly from then on - props to them. Town ended up winning.