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Second half of 2013 games

UNfolder.png2013a & 2012

Micro 186: Vengeball

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) Cheery Dog Vengeful Townie Started Vengekilled D1 Town win
I was kind of terrible; I sheeped Jake from State Farm onto Katsuki, and tunneled on him, which only made him tunnel him back on me. We eventually eliminated him and he was, ofc, town. He vengekilled me. Thankfully town was able to find all four scum and win the game anyway.

The winning town was Wisdom, MP5, Siveure DtTrikyp, Rift Adrift(fferyllt + Syryana) and Katsuki.

Micro 181: Everyone's being watched

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) JasonWazza Vanilla Townie Started Eliminated D3 Scum win
Tunnels, tunnels, more tunnels. And secondguessing. Miss Destroyer (Ms Marangal + Human Destroyer) were the recipients of my tunneling this time, which only caused Mara to tunnel right back at me. A big derp from RachMarie caused her to easily be miseliminated as well. I did secondguess myself and changed my mind about MissD in elo, and was right about Malakittens being scum, but the same didn't happen for Mara, who instantly voted me, giving the win to scum. The other scum I would have never guessed though, as Grimgroove was awesome and I was certain he's town. The main problem though was that the Global Watcher did not use his ability on N1, which was stupid.

The winning scum team was Malakittens and Grimgroove.

Newbie 1380

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Newbie (Matrix6) Zaicon Mafia Roleblocker Replaced in D3 Survived Scum win
Good scumgame. I replaced in elo, ready to counterclaim the claimed Jailkeeper, GuyInFreezer. However my predecessor's silence about said claim made me decide against it at the last moment. I fakeclaimed VT and sat back declaring I knew for a fact the remaining players were scum (we also had a conftown Bulletproof, so that left two), waiting until they decide who we will eliminate. In the end, they decided to eliminate the last VT, SalmonellaDreams, so I just hammered and won.

The winning scum team was Wisdom and Glass.

Micro: 198 Bricklayers in Sicily

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) jmo16mla Vanilla Townie Started Survived Town win
Masons and Mafia. Me and Sakura Hana tunneled on each other D1, until Bitmap started acting scummy and we started voting him. He used his daykill on me, and suicided. Then I got paranoid on who the other scum is and eliminated Sakura anyway. Then I wanted to eliminate Klick, but the rest of the town eliminated the inactive Lincolm who was indeed the last scum.

The winning town was Wisdom, Klick, SafetyDance, TheIrishPope and Sakura Hana.

Open 504: Masons and Mafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Open SafetyDance Vanilla Townie Started Survived Town win
When I first went to read the game, it was already D3. No, I didn't replace in. It's just that the first scum, Klick, decided to shoot someone very fast and suicided, and then Lucky2u, a mason, got shot successfully. Then another scum suicided. It was a painful game since me and pieceofpecanpie were annoyed by each other's attitude. I correctly pegged Maestro as scum after he went crazy the moment I started suspecting him. He was replaced by Mutleyddmc, who quickly confirmed to me the slot was scum, since his play was nothing like his townplay. We eventually eliminated him, then I realized 2birds1stone had to be the last scum because of the agenta he had been pushing that me or goodmorning have to be scum with Mutley. I had more disagreements and tunneling with pieceofpecanpie, but in the end we did eliminate 2birds and won the game. Apparently, both suiciding scum shot me because they thought I am a mason, so I guess I played a very good game as a VT.

The winning town was Wisdom, penguin_alien, pieceofpecanpie, TheIrishPope, goodmorning, jmo16mla, InHimShallIBe, Lucky2u and BoroPhil.

Micro 203 - Death Note Mafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Theme) Rob13 Kanzo Mogi, Vanilla Townie Started Vig'd D1 Scum win
I didn't manage to do much this game, since the town 1-shot Dayvig decided to kill me quickly enough. My reads for the short time I lived were wrong however. Scum didn't really have a hard time winning.

The winning scum team was Amrun and Axxle.

Micro 204 - A Shadow Over Scumville

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) Phenenas Vanilla Townie Started Endgamed Cult win
I wanted to be cult, no such luck. This town was so bad. We eliminated two townies after it was obvious they're town. Then I caught Disturbed_One when he tried to eliminate me over the one who had counterclaimed his role, and afterwards Mantisdreamz spotted another scumslip of his. We were certain the scumteam is Disturbed and RedCoyote, however we managed to become paranoid due to the scumminess of FuDuzn, and decided to vote him in the end.

The winning scum team was Disturbed_One and RedCoyote.

Mini 1479: Perpetual MyLo II

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Mini Theme Wickedestjr, Rob13 Vanilla Townie Started Survived Town win
5 scum and 7 town? I decided to act scummy and judge reactions. I got some good reads, however I did not understand how sangres could read better than nachos so easily and was not sure about which is scum for a while. Scum (and some town) tried to get me eliminated a few times but failed. In the end we eliminated three scum in a row and won. I was especially happy for my N scumread being right, which I was certain about but nobody was listening to me.

The winning town was Wisdom, sangres(Nachomamma8 + fferyllt), Mutleyddmc, AdoboNation(Ms Marangal + thenewearth), TheIrishPope, GuyInFreezer and Metal Sonic.

Said town also won the Best Town Performance scummy for 2013.

Open 514: Monks and Masons in Serona

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Open fferyllt Vanilla Townie Replaced in D1 Killed N1 Mafia win
I was my obvtown self this game, despite my predecessor having been scummy. I correctly pegged Malakittens as scum, I was very wrong about Ms Marangal and Sakura Hana though. I also heavily WKed goodmorning at first, until I changed my mind later (and was correct to do so). Malakittens killed me on N1 - I pegged 3 out of the 4 scum in the reads I gave upon arriving to the Dead QT. Town did eliminate goodmorning the following day, but failed to eliminate Malakittens, who in the end won the game for the Mafia.

The winning scum team was Malakittens and DrCirno.

Mini 1468: Legends of the Hidden Temple

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Mini Theme Haschel Cedricson Vanilla Townie Started Endgamed Scum win
A tiring, nightless game. I was my obvtown self since there was no way scum could kill me, to the point of changing my mind all the time and showing my thought processes inthread. The game was a clusterfuck though, with most of the town being really bad. Venmar was especially bad, quickhammering Majiffy on the day before elo because he was bored, despite pirate mollie being obvscum. And on top of that, he challenged me in elo.

The winning scum team was AngryPidgeon, qwints, pirate mollie and Nobody Special.

Newbie 1402

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Newbie (Matrix6) Malakittens Mafia Goon Replaced in D1 Survived Scum win
A usual newbie scumgame - I played good and was considered obvtown. I was mostly voting my partner, notscience, throughout the game, but never got him eliminated. I picked up a PR slip by a newbie who was eager to end the day, and killed him N1, eliminating the Town Cop, town's only PR. I let the town miseliminate RachMarie and then led an elimination on Edosurist in elo, winning a perfect game for the Mafia.

The winning scum team was Wisdom and notscience.

Micro 211: Cracking Idea Mafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Semi-open) Antagon Red Goo Started Eliminated D4 Town win
I was happy to have a Red Goo in my role choices, however I didn't really play it as it should be played. I contributed to a quick D1 Mafia elimination, and then decided to use my kill on another possible Mafia/Alien, Who, out of fear they might kill me. He was a town Roleblocker, and posed no threat to me. I had hoped for more anti-town roles to be out there to kill people for me, but other than the eliminated Mafia and a pseudojester that helped the town, I was alone. The town was too PR-heavy, with a Hider confirming people and a combination of the pseudojester and a Vig confirming another townie. I at least made it to 4p before inevitably getting eliminated.

The winning town was Mutleyddmc, anorway, BROseidon, Who, PedroPony, Redelphic and JerryArr.

Micro 220: Mainstream Micro IV

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Theme) chkflip Cult Leader Started Survived Cult win
First time as cult! Awesome! I got enough towncred with my "scumhunting" on D1 - there were enough scummy people like Minions or Flammus to accuse. We eliminated a claimed Vengeful so he can shoot someone before getting recruited, and he shot town. I recruited Natirasha, who was a neighborizer - but the funny thing is Natirasha neighborized me, so we gained day talk! I made up a nice fakeclaim the next day, 1-shot Ascetic, while Natirasha claimed Alarmist. We successfully got TheIrishPope eliminated, however Who, ability thief who had stolen TIP's jailkeeper ability on N1, roleblocked me on N2 and the game went on. I used my Ascetic claim as an excuse (claimed that cult probably tried to recruit me on N1) and eventually managed to frame Disturbed_One as the cult leader, who got eliminated. Then I recruited Who for the game to end with a cult win - Who deserved it for figuring us out and even picking up the fact we had daytalk.

The winning scum team was Wisdom, Natirasha and Who.

Newbie 1414

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Newbie (Matrix6) PeregrineV Mafia Goon Replaced in D1 Survived Scum win
Another relatively easy scumwin in a newbie. This time I faked a deathtunnel on my scumbuddy, JasonWazza, letting the town miseliminate scummy townies. Mutleyddmc outing the Town Doctor early on with an intent to hammer and quickhammering the Town Tracker without a claim in Day 2 did not help the matters for the town at all. Much like Newbie 1402, I "forgot" about my "scumread" on my buddy when elo came, and framed a townie for wanting to quickhammer, resulting in his elimination. I was notably only voted once in the entire game.

The winning scum team was Wisdom and JasonWazza.

Newbie 1420: Fireproof

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Newbie (Matrix6) Cheery Dog Mafia Goon Replaced in D1 Eliminated D2 Scum win
Scum with notscience, again! Before replacing in, I totally thought Ms Marangal is scum, so despite getting a scum role, I proceeded to tunnel on Mara and try to get her eliminated. It was about to happen, but Mara started being more town towards the end so I tried something risky - I tried to shift the wagon onto notscience, my scumbuddy. Town didn't really listen to me and eliminated RachMarie instead (poor Rach, always getting eliminated). I continued pushing notscience in D2, however VT, the town Cop, investigated me during N1 because she was paranoid of my predecessor, and caught me. She tried to hide that she's a cop but I figured as much and made her claim it before going down, meanwhile heavily distancing with notscience. Then, upon going to the Dead QT, I realized notscience had forgotten he is scum - lol. Anyway, the town then eliminated two possible "Wisdom partners" that weren't notscience, thus giving notscience and myself the win.

The winning scum team was Wisdom and notscience.

Micro 219: Cracking Idea Mafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Semi-open) penguin_alien Town Mason Hesitant Cop Doctor Replaced in D2 Killed N3 Town win
I replaced in a confirmed town slot and tried to direct the town in eliminating the scum - there were 3 scum, one Mafia, one Alien, and one Lyncher. I first got the Lyncher to admit he is the Lyncher and we eliminated him first. My remaining mason buddy died, and I led a elimination on the caught Alien the next day. The game didn't end, and I died during the night, only for the two remaining town to correctly eliminate the last scum the following day.

The winning town was Wisdom, BROseidon, NOTYOCHEEZ (notscience + Bert), Mr E Roll, Guyett and Kazekirimaru.

Mini 1482: Castle - A Mafia Murder so Vile

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Mini Theme Malakittens Alexis Castle, Town Neighbour Started Killed N2 Scum win
Neighbour with Mantisdreamz, whom I quickly townreaded so that I have one less paranoia to deal with. I was loud and stubborn as usual, beginning at the end of D1, where I insisted that a deadline wagon was formed by two scum (I was wrong, both serrapaladin and Natirasha were town). That wagon luckily landed us the SK on D1, however I spent the D2 shouting that we should eliminate the two that made that wagon happen. Eventually I changed my mind, and found two new people to tunnel on; Desperado and penguin_alien. They were confident gut/meta scumreads, but I couldn't explain to others why they are scum. In the end I compromised to eliminating Huntress, my third scumread, who unfortunately was a Bodyguard. Then I died on N2, and watched the rest of the game from the Dead QT, where I went back to thinking serra is scum. My two scumreads were after all right - Desperado and penguin were indeed scum. The town eliminated Desperado after he fakeclaimed a guilty on Mantis, but then derped and quickly eliminated town, and finally eliminated serra in elo, giving the win to scum.

What mindfucked me was that Bert, one of my strongest townreads, was the last scum. Although he was kind of scummy in elo.

The winning scum team was Bert, penguin_alien and Desperado.

Open 524: Donner Party

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Open Karnage Vanilla Townie Started Killed N1 Scum win
Bleh. Everyone was lazy on D1, which made it hard for anyone to form any kind of reads. Close to the deadline, I came up with a list of {Noctan, Saki, BoroPhil}, saying that I want one of those eliminated. We eliminated BoroPhil but he was town (and so were the other two). Then the SK killed me on N1 (and the Vig also did, but was roleblocked), and I watched the boring game from the Dead QT. After an easy town miselimination and more town deaths, the Mafia got the SK eliminated and won.

The winning scum team was Belisarius and goodmorning.

Newbie 1426

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Newbie (Matrix6) Uite Vanilla Townie Replaced in D2 Eliminated D3 Scum win
Oh god. I replaced in at the end of D2, with 24 hours left till deadline. I managed to shift the ongoing L-1 wagon that was going on to JacobSavage, but nobody hammered him before the deadline, resulting in a destructive no-elimination. The remaining PR died during the night (the first one had died during the first night) and I heavily suspected goodmorning in melo because I was very very confident that I was seeing her scum meta. She was deathtunneling on me, something that she does not do as town, especially in melo. I lost the fight with her since the two remaining newbies that I was 100% CERTAIN are town voted me over her, only for JacobSavage to hammer me. I was dumbfounded when the mod announced that goodmorning was actually town, and one of the newbies, Friendly_Slime, that I really couldn't be more sure about his towniness, was actually Jacob's buddy. Just wow.

The winning scum team was Friendly_Slime and JacobSavage.

Newbie 1436

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Newbie (Matrix6) Malakittens Mafia Goon Replaced in D2 Eliminated D3 Scum win
Finally did something I've always wanted; I replaced into an L-1 scum slot and saved it from the elimination. I softclaimed doctor without actually claiming it, and grew "frustrated" when town were not understanding. That was enough to break my wagon, and along with a conspiracy theory about Cabd doing scum gambits and manipulating the town, I managed to turn the elimination onto him. The confirmed town, agi102 and Sakura Hana, still didn't buy it and kept wanting me eliminated, making me fully claim doctor. Cabd kind of gave up and offered himself to be the elimination, self-hammering even. Then I knew I'm dead the next day, but I tried to get Bert eliminated in a 1v1, unsuccessfully. My buddy, fferyllt, got the win the next day, after Bert voted notscience. Overall I'm happy for my performance on D2, but D3 could have been better.

The winning scum team was Wisdom and fferyllt.

Newbie 1431: GuitarMafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Newbie (Matrix6) Maestro Vanilla Townie Replaced in D1 Eliminated D2 Scum win
I got an accurate scumread on Belisarius but Ms Marangal kept saying I am wrong so I compromised on my second scumread, SafetyDance, only for him to claim cop. We then deadline-eliminated NicCage, who was town. Safety then died the night, and I was heavily suspected on D2. I once again tried to get Beli eliminated, but there was no support, and in the end we reached deadline once again. I self-hammered since the alterative was a no-elimination, which would mean I would just die in Melo. Then town messed up and voted the elimination-bait that I told them not to vote, giving scum the win. Not a game I want to remember.

The winning scum team was Belisarius and willwang123.

Micro 241 -- Chain of Command

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Semi-Open) Nobody Special Vanilla Ensign Started Eliminated D2 Scum win
Bleh. Bulbazak was obvscum on D1, I managed to get him eliminated, but he was somehow town. I stupidly offered myself for elimination on D2, frustrated that town can be so fucking scummy and mislead me, but I did figure out the scumteam before I died - I had been tunneling on one of the scum, mastin2, since D1. Of course town ignored me and eliminated the most obvtown.

The winning scum team was mastin2 and Elyse.

Newbie 1425 Part Deux

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Newbie (Matrix6) Nobody Special Vanilla Townie Replaced in D1 Killed N2 Town win
Finally a good game from me. I wrongly tunneled on town players (especially singersigner) upon replacing in, but did figure out the scumteam on D2. We eliminated one of them, and I was nightkilled. Then the other one was eliminated. One more time that I correctly identified scum-Malakittens!

The winning town was Wisdom, RayFrost, Smudger, Bitmap, ObsessedWithCats, Guyett and singersigner.

Micro 239- Random Mafia S

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Semi-Open) MafiaSSK Mafia "The Oracle" Started Eliminated D1 Scum/Jester win
I started off badly, somewhat apathetic towards the game. My lack of interest must have shown, as two people, Empking and 1baldeagle1, soon deathtunneled on me. And then a third one too, Humble Poirot. I on the other hand "deathtunneled" on my scumbuddy, Bulbazak, then on baldeagle because of his defending Bulbazak. That didn't seem to phaze my accusors though, who still remained on my wagon. I tried to get more control over the game and was about to convince Humble Poirot I'm just "bad stubborn town", but the Jester, JacobSavage, hammered me. Bulbazak still managed to survive and win the game for us however, fakeclaiming doctor and exploiting a Jester elimination to win a day.

The winning scum team was Wisdom and Bulbazak; the winning jester was JacobSavage.

Micro 262: True Love

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) SalmonellaDreams Town Lover Started Survived Town win
Knowing better from my Polygamist experience, I made everyone out their lovers early. Mine was PimHel, who later got replaced by EspeciallyTheLies. A town pair consisting of theslimer3 and Mitillos suicided after they got paranoid on each other, all within 3 pages. Then came a really long D2, where I tried to figure out who is scum. sthar8 stated it's Lucky2u and Wisdom, so I figured he might be bussing. I was right when I called that on page 4, but it wasn't until page ~30 that we eliminated Lucky. ETL, my lover, made me very very paranoid with her weird emotional play, and a lackluster play from goodmorning did not help matters. After we eliminated Lucky, sthar8 of course tried to get me eliminated, and he seemed to have support from the remaining townies, but I defended as well as I could, not letting him push anything, and got him eliminated. Even at the last moment I was wondering if ETL had actually fooled me, too much fucking paranoia.

The winning town was Wisdom, Antihero, EspeciallyTheLies, goodmorning, theslimer3 and Mitillos.

Newbie 1448--Penguin Mafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Newbie (Matrix6) penguin_alien Mafia Goon Replaced in D1 Survived Scum win
I picked a scummy slot once again. But I managed. The doctor, GuyInFreezer, got outed early (though he claimed BP/Doc), and then the IC, Baezu, foolishly claimed PR as a VT, making the actual other PR, Bitmap, counterclaim. We killed the doc on N1, and then I blatantly hammered Guyett on D2, after he put himself at L-1 with one of his usual gambits. Killed off the tracker too, and we got into elo. I crossbussed with my buddy, PhDScar, who was however too obvious. He did manage to muddy the waters though. I actually managed to defend myself for my blatant antitown hammer, and in the end, PhDScar got eliminated. Then I won the 3p elo quickly, as NJAC voted the remaining townie immediately.

Unfortunately, PhDScar got modkilled for sending me a PM after he was eliminated.

The winning scum was Wisdom.

Micro 270: A Phantom Vengeance

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) TheButtonmen Vanilla Townie Started Survived Town win
A quick 4page vengeful. I pegged Kazekirimaru as the goon easily, as he was both scummy and obvious, and since the other two townies were pretty town, that only left Desperado to be the godfather. Whom we eliminated, and won.

The winning town was Wisdom, 1baldeagle1 and TheIrishPope.

Games I didn't complete

Mini 1443: Pokemon Nuzlocke Mafia

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Mini Theme Guy_Named_Riggs Pokemon Trainer Lucas, Vanilla Townie Started N/A Mod-Abandoned
It was a promising game, with an interesting mechanic that included battling the other players with our Pokemon during the nights, but the mod had to leave and the game got abandoned. We did eliminate scum D1 however, and I did learn that the speed of a wagon does not always mean that it's on town.

Micro 233: ETL's Wacky Hospital

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Micro (Open) EspeciallyTheLies Weak Doctor Started Replaced out D1 Town win
Despite correctly spotting 1baldeagle1 as scum, I soon enough tunneled on Sakura Hana, making her replace out once again. That and my bad mood, combined with a player pissing me off and making me want to eliminate him despite thinking he might be town, made me decide to replace out so I don't harm the game further. Turns out it was the correct decision.

Mini 1502: Mainstream Mini I

Game Type Modded by Role Entry Fate Outcome
Mini Theme chkflip Town Villager Started N/A Mod-Abandoned
Half the playerlist lurked, the mod was not active either, and deadline passed without us even realizing it. It was declared abandoned during Night 1.