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Wikipick is the "cheesy gimmick^" that has grown from the phenomena that is UPick. The name supposedly comes from either JDodge or Xyzzy or perhaps of older origin.

Running with essentially the same rules as UPick, the major difference being that instead of choosing their own name, players load a Wikipedia page at random and send the link to the Moderator.

This creates a much more varied game, especially for players who would like to force their mod to make a role out of Topaz Nuclear Reactor or Greenwich Mean Time.

Variations include using different wikis, such as Uncyclopedia, or the MafiaWiki. These can produce interesting results, as well - for instance, a player whose page is Vigilante will almost assuredly be a vigilante.

^AniX denies that Wikipick is anywhere near as good as UPick, but who can trust Anix?