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Why me fry me

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“Why me = fry me” (WMFM) is a reasoning that says players who ask “Why me?” after being accused are basically asking for the town to fry (lynch) them. This is considered a poor defense which tries to turn the situation around on the accuser by painting them as irrational, or trying to play the victim. It instead makes the accused look worse to the town. The logic behind this is that if a player cannot defend himself, he is either a new player or scum. In the latter case, the player who resorts to asking "why me" often does not have the truth on their side to prove their innocence. WFMF is invoked immediately after a player asks the question as a reason to start a bandwagon on them.

For example: Player A votes Player B. Player B asks why me, to which Player A responds "why me = fry me," trying to encourage other players to follow suit.

When Not to use WMFM

  • The accused is an inexperienced player.
  • There is no strong accusation, such as Finger of Suspicion.
  • The original accusation is so vague that asking why is a valid question.

It it not wise to use WMFM against a newer player because it is natural to react like this. However, they should be taught to defend themselves better in the future.