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What Is Trust

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  • What Is Trust
Setup Size:
  • 8
Setup Type:

What Is Trust is a Semi-Open setup designed by JacksonVirgo. Its design goal is to force a direct 1v1 immediately to remove the need for possibly game-breaking investigations.


1 Mafia Goon
1 Mafia Traitor
1 Town Unaware Flagbearer
4 Vanilla Townies
1 Mafia Shady OR 1 Town Shady


From the start of the game, the mod reveals the identity of the Shady but not what alignment they are. Mafia Shady is aware of who both the Mafia Goon and the Town Unaware Flagbearer is, whereas a Town Shady is only aware of who the Mafia Goon is. Mafia Traitor and Mafia Goon are both in a Mafia PT together and are aware of Shady's alignment. If Shady is Town aligned, the Town Unaware Flagbearer acts exactly like a Vanilla Townie.

Town wins by eliminating the Mafia within Shady and their target (being the Mafia Goon if Shady is Town and the Flagbearer if they're Mafia) and by eliminating the Mafia Traitor.

Mafia wins by Town eliminating Town twice in a row, the Town Unaware Flagbearer or the Town Shady gets eliminated.