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Weird Idea Mafia/RoleList2

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  • Weird Idea Mafia/RoleList2
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Revised list of G.I. Mafia role lists.

Role List

  1. Vanilla Townie
  2. Vanilla Townie
  3. Vanilla Townie
  4. Vanilla Townie
  5. Vanilla Townie
  6. Vanilla Townie
  7. Vanilla Townie
  8. Vanilla Townie
  9. Vanilla Townie
  10. Vanilla Townie
  11. Vanilla Townie
  12. Vanilla Townie
  13. Vanilla Townie
  14. Vanilla Townie
  15. Vanilla Townie
  16. Watcher
  17. Tracker
  18. Tracker
  19. Cop
  20. Cop
  21. Cop
  22. Cop Lover
  23. Seer
  24. FBI Agent
  25. Doctor
  26. Doctor
  27. Doctor
  28. Roleblocker
  29. Roleblocker
  30. Jailkeeper
  31. Bodyguard
  32. Vigilante
  33. One-shot Vigilante
  34. One-shot Dayvig
  35. One-shot Dayvig
  36. Bulletproof Townie
  37. Supersaint
  38. One-shot Paranoid Gun Owner
  39. Mason
  40. Mason
  41. Mason
  42. Mason
  43. Mason Doctor
  44. Mason Lover
  45. Lover
  46. Lover
  47. Lover
  48. Jack-of-all-trades (One Roleblock, One Cop, One Doctor)
  49. Vengeful Townie
  50. Retired Werewolf Hunter
  51. Retired Marine (Immune to Serial Killer kills)
  52. Miller
  53. Miller
  54. Hirsute Townie (Investigates as Werewolf)
  55. Evangelistic Townie (Investigates as Cult)
  56. Tentacled Townie (Investigates as Alien)
  57. Watchlisted Townie (Investigates as Serial Killer)
  58. Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Townie (Universal Miller)
  59. Black Goo (Town; anyone who targets it with an action becomes Cult)
  60. Ascetic Townie
  61. Private Investigator (Gets result "Cult" or "Not Cult")
  62. Gravedigger (Shows up as targeting all nightkilled players to Trackers and Watchers on night of said players' deaths)
  63. Nymphomaniac (Compulsively chooses a Lover on Night 1; NOT part of pre-existing Lover groups unless united by N1 choice)
  64. One-shot Governor
  65. One-shot Unlynchable Townie
  66. Town Godfather
  67. Innocent Child
  68. Innocent Child
  69. Hider
  70. Enabler
  71. Treestump
  72. Conspiracy Theorist (Gets result "Alien" or "Not Alien"; investigates as "Alien")
  73. Conspiracy Theorist (Gets result "Alien" or "Not Alien"; investigates as "Alien")
  74. Conspiracy Theorist (Gets result "Alien" or "Not Alien"; investigates as "Alien")
  75. One-shot Kingmaker
  76. Weak Jailkeeper
  77. Bloodhound (Gets result "Town" or "Not town")
  78. Vanilla Cop (VTs, basic Werewolves and Mafia Goons are Vanilla)
  79. Hero (If a King tries to execute you, the King dies instead)
  80. Tourist (Compulsively targets someone every night. No effect)
  81. Nurse (If a Town Doctor dies, you inherit their power)
  82. One-shot Commuter
  83. Cop-of-all-Trades (One-shot Cop, One-shot Seer, One-shot FBI Agent, One-shot Conspiracy Theorist, One-shot Private Investigator)
  84. Judas
  85. Saulus
  86. Mafia Goon
  87. Mafia Goon
  88. Mafia Godfather
  89. Mafia Tracker
  90. Mafia Doctor
  91. Mafia Roleblocker
  92. Mafia Lover
  93. Mafia Seer
  94. Mafia One-shot Dayvig
  95. Mafia One-shot Governor
  96. Mafia Strongman
  97. Mafia Reflexive Doctor (protects anyone who targets them)
  98. Hirsute Goon
  99. Mafia Cupid (Targets player Night 1; all OTHER players who targeted same player become Lovers with target)
  100. Alpha Goon (essentially a named goon)
  101. Werewolf
  102. Werewolf
  103. Werewolf
  104. Alpha Werewolf
  105. Werewolf Roleblocker
  106. Werewolf One-shot Bulletproof
  107. Werewolf Cop
  108. Werewolf Mason
  109. Werewolf Watcher
  110. Werewolf FBI Agent
  111. Ninja Werewolf
  112. Werewolf One-shot PGO
  113. Werewolf Miller (investigates as Mafia)
  114. Werewolf Supersaint
  115. Werewolf Godfather (essentially a named werewolf)
  116. Alien One-shot Unlynchable
  117. Alien Prober (targets one player; target is roleblocked and Prober gets investigation result of "Werewolf" or "Not werewolf")
  118. Alien Vanillaiser
  119. Alien Psychotrooper (While alive, all cops with 'guilty/not guilty' format results are Insane)
  120. Alien Psychomagnet (Once per game, choose a player at night. All actions are redirected to that player that night, making the #Psychomagnet essentially a 1-Shot Lightning Rod-izer)
  121. Alien Bloodsucker (Treestump someone at night. No Alien may perform the factional nightkill on the same night that you do this)
  122. Alien Sympathiser (If there are Aliens in the game, you are an Alien goon. If there are no other Aliens, you are a VT.)
  123. Compulsive Bodyguard Survivor
  124. Survivor Mason
  125. Lyncher (Left/Right Random)
  126. Serial Killer (Two-shot Bulletproof)
  127. Serial Killer (Random Faction Immune)
  128. One-shot Cult Recruiter

Balance Change

  • Increased number of town role while decreasing the rest. (66% Town, 33% Anti-Town)
  • Got rid of BP Alien Lover and Alien Silencer.