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Weird Idea Mafia

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  • Weird Idea Mafia
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Weird Idea Mafia is a semi-open setup, derived from Greatest Idea Mafia, designed to randomize the alignment a bit better to the degree of Great Idea Mafia while attempting to keep the flexibility to the degree of Greater Idea Mafia.

In this setup, each player is dealt three cards from the list used for Great/er/est Idea Mafia, except for that the two cards are hidden. Player will choose one of the hidden card, which will be the Alignment Card. The other hidden card will be discarded. Once Alignment Cards are picked from everyone, mod gathers them, shuffles them, and distribute to the players. This time, the Alignment Card is revealed. Whichever alignment the Alignment Card holds will be player's alignment. Player can choose a role between the card player originally had (initially revealed card) and the Alignment Card.

There must be at least one anti-town faction in the game and the total anti-town must not reach 50%, just like the other G.Idea series.

At the start of Day 1, every player's discarded card is publicly revealed.


GuyInFreezer draws three cards: {Town Tracker, Ninja Werewolf (Hidden), Alien Silencer (Hidden)} EspeciallyTheLies draws three cards: {Mafia Goon, Town Vigilante (Hidden), Town Bloodhound (Hidden)}

GuyInFreezer picks one hidden card (Which happens to be Ninja Werewolf), and ETL picks one hidden card (Which happens to be Town Bloodhound.)

Alien Silencer and Town Vigilante gets discarded and is revealed upon start of Day 1.

Now moderator gathers the cards players picked (Ninja WW, Town BH), shuffles them, and re-distribute them randomly.

GuyInFreezer receives Town Bloodhound, and his alignment is town. ETL receives Ninja Werewolf, and her alignment is werewolf.

GuyInFreezer now has a choice to be a Town Tracker or Town Bloodhound, while ETL has a choice to be a WW Ninja or WW Goon.

Role List

See Greater Idea Mafia.

Possibly Confusing Setup-Specific Things

  • If only one Mason or Lover is chosen, then they are essentially a named Vanilla Townie.
  • If more than 2 Masons or Lovers are chosen, then all the Masons form one Mason group, and all the Lovers form one Lover group (rather than separate pairs).
  • The Nymphomaniac, however, creates a separate Lover group when it uses its action on Night 1. It is not part of any pre-existing Lover groups at gamestart. It is possible to unite the two groups if the Nymphomaniac targets an existing Lover, however.
  • The One-Shot PGO is activated on the first night during which someone targets it. Any and all players who target it in that one night die.
  • On the forum, it is strongly advised to only run setups that start with at least 50% Town roles. This should also be advertised to the players. Broken setups are no fun. On scumchat or Skype or a Marathon Day, go crazy. Crazy setups ARE fun.
  • The Alien faction has only a one-shot factional nightkill for the whole game. The faction was designed to appear rarely but have powerful role actions.
  • The Innocent Child can choose to reveal itself at whatever moment it chooses. It is not revealed automatically at the start of Day 1.
  • The Enabler affects one randomly mod-selected other player. If the Enabler dies, its Enablee can no longer use any role powers other than a factional nightkill.
  • The One-shot Cult Recruiter cannot recruit scum who could potentially be in a group faction (i.e. Mafia, Werewolves, Aliens). Independent scum (SK, Survivor, etc) can be cult recruited. Any player, however, can be Culted by targeting the Black Goo.


Role PMs

See Greater Idea Mafia/RolePMs.

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