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Voting is the primary mechanism by which Pro-Town players eliminate Scum during the day.

Generally speaking, a majority of votes by the group (which does include anti-Town elements, but they may be forced to vote for teammates to hide themselves, or may vote against another type of scum with impunity) will cause the lynch of a player, and the Game Moderator will post a Death Scene that (usually) includes that player's role and/or faction. Sometimes, the mod will choose to keep part or all of that information secret (for instance, they may have included a Forensic Expert who can examine corpses at night to determine roles, or there may be some Game Balance issue to not revealing everyone's role immediately. Players may also choose to No Lynch and go directly to night with the same players all still alive. Sometimes this is done to allow Information Roles to gather more information for a more informed decision the next day.

Occasionally, if a game drags on interminably, a moderator will post a deadline and a reduced requirement for lynch - the usual figure is half of the previous requirement, rounded up (thus if there were 13 players alive, 7 votes would cause a lynch normally, and 4 would cause a lynch at deadline).