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About Me

I thought I was getting into a harmless forum game. Instead I wound up caught in a massive time sink where I've been repeatedly lynched, axed, bludgeoned, drained of all my blood, nuked, shot at, and clawed and bitten to death by hostile meerkats; and yet I still can't stop playing.

As a general rule, if you get lynched and I was on your wagon, you deserved it.

Do not call me VI.

My scumday is June 29!
As of my first year here, I've been in 23 completed games and have a 9-10-4 record. That's pretty decent for the number of crazy games I play, I think.

You knew it all along, but it's official now! I am Bad at Mafia as of August 7, 2009.

I have a page for the unique roles I have used in my modded games. If you want some ideas or are just bored, take a look!

I have a modding guide on this wiki. Everything you'll ever need to know about modding a game is right here; check it out!

I won Professor Mafia and Paragon of Mafia Hunters in the 2009 Scummies! Thank you for considering me!

My scumday came around again!
My record is presently 16-20-4. I'm going away for a month, so hopefully I can return with a vengeance.

I managed to keep up enough of a reputation to re-earn the title "Professor Paragon" permanently! Thanks so much!

I put my Prof. Mafia and Paragon awards to good use with a guide to playing Mafia effectively on this wiki! It comes highly recommended; go see!

I (allegedly) hacked SensFan's computer. Awesome things ensued!

According to scumchat, I am a Flareon.

I won Name Should Be In Orange and Best Mechanic/Mutation in the 2010 Scummies! It's an honor; thank you!

My scumday says I've been here for three years...
My win rate is 22-27-5, which is still okay, I guess. People are starting to predict my retirement...

If this page looks curiously formatted to you, it is. I run a different system locale, and the fonts cause the page to look better on my screen.

Does this page look smaller to you? It is~ Wiki tabs were just installed, and as something of a public service I've split everything up.

I've been selected to be a discussion forum mod! At risk of sounding Greek, it's an honor to be selected to serve!

I've actually been here for four years!
My record is 25-32-6... That's really not much better than last year, is it? I blame the ponies.

Graffiti permitted below this line

Hey Vi! :D You cool awesome Fire Emblem fan! Let me know if you ever run another FE game, ok? -Andrius
I haven't run another Fire Emblem setup since that one, but it's not from a lack of trying to put together setups.

I actually think that Vi chick is alright...Wait, Vi is a chick right? - --Oman 02:38, 31 December 2009 (EST)

where are all da ladies @?
bro, u in da wrong place fo that shiz.

Wow-zee, someone's ORGANIZED!!! DrippingGoofball 10:25, 22 April 2009 (EDT)
Someone's OCD!!! =D

Try turning off your router, your modem, and your computer. Now turn off your air conditioning, your lights, and your water heater. Unplug your microwave and defrost your refrigerator. Cancel your garbage service, renounce your citizenship, and yank out your phone. --Dogbert's Tech Support

"Axed, Drained, Nuked, Shredded, or otherwise NK'd..." That's a mouthful. What happened to just plain "NK'd"? —StrangerCoug P.S. I fixed your avatar log. You were a day behind.
Thank you. I fixed the mouthful; I think I like this version better.

Yeah, so I'm totally stealing this wiki design for my own page. If you have a problem with this, let me know (Yes, I'm definitely giving you credit) --Raeil 20:23, 22 June 2009
No credit necessary. I like being an influence on others~

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Welcome to BaM :) Your are one of the best (as far as my opinion goes). -Porkens <todaY>

Can I steal this design for my own page? I like it and I tried formatting something today but failed completely. ~ TheLonging
Plenty of people have; but you're the first to ask~ Go ahead; I don't mind.

Hey Vi. I'm going to steal your design - please say something if you have a problem with it! kthxbai ~ Maemuki
Even if I had a problem with it, there's no way I would be able to find everyone who used this design. I think you're safe--oh wait, you TOLD me about it? Hey, give it back~

Hello Vi, I wish I had the patience/motivation to keep up my wiki page as well as you do. Mine is in perpetual "I have to catch up" mode - Cow
Catching up is very difficult to do. Keeping it updated as things happen is much easier.

There should be an award for most organized wikipage. ~ CSL
Of course, if you asked me it only now got really organized. :p

You da MAN. ~~NS

Loved playing New York 114: Mafia Vs. Werewolves with you. Hope to play with you again sometimes! ~ Super Smash Bros. Fan

Oh hey. It'd be cool to play a game with you or something, let me know if anything comes up. ~ DemonHybrid

MoHO rocked. :D - AGar

How do you manage to keep such an organized and up-to-date wiki? And write up all those wiki pages? And run cool games and such? I'm jealous. I would steal your design if I had time and motivation to put in so much effort. Also, how do you put words upside down? ~Pom

Insert graphic tag of a large Stone Easter Island Head saying "MoI was here" right here - MagnaofIllusion

i'm going to continue to pay you the highest compliment possible and make the effort to use a capital 'v' for Vi - Faraday

Also, yw for tabs. Lulz. - AGar