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You may be looking for Vengeful Mafia.

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The Venge modifier to a role causes the role to be usable only when its owner is voted out, or eliminated, being a form of reflexive role. This is the modifier version of Vengeful.

Standard version

A Venge version of a role cannot be used normally. However, when its owner is eliminated, they use the role at that time. If usage of the role would normally require choosing a target, the player with the role continues to be able to choose the target.

If the Venge role is investigative, the investigation results will be posted publicly (as sending them to the newly eliminated player would not be very useful). Roles that investigate players' actions need to reveal the results at the end of the following Night (once the actions that they are investigating have taken place); for consistency, the standard version of the modifier posts any such investigative results at the end of the following Night. Along similar lines, a Venge Doctor would protect from kills the following night, and so on.


Venge-investigations into players' roles (as opposed to actions) could plausibly take place immediately; it is thus a plausible variation to post the results at the start of the Night, not the end. (This is, however, probably a bad idea as the Mafia may well just kill the now-confirmed investigated player in response, making the role comparable to a normal Vengeful role.)

As with Supersaint, a plausible variation would be to automatically target a Venge ability at the player who cast the hammerring vote.

The Reflexive modifier is the equivalent for being targeted during the night (rather than being eliminated during the day).

A Venge Vigilante is normally just called "Vengeful", the role from which this modifier was back-derived. The most commonly seen other combination is probably the Venge Vanillaiser, frequently used as a method of toning down role madness games.

Use & Balance

Venge roles tend to reduce swing, as they give town compensation for a miselimination. However, it is quite likely that the role will be used at a bad time, or that it will never get the chance to trigger at all; as such, these roles tend to be fairly weak.

Venge roles can normally make their choices the following Night without causing any problematic interactions; unlike Vengeful, therefore, the modifier should not disrupt the logistics of the setup. (The exception is Venge-vestigations that reveal their information before the night starts.)

Play Advice

Having a role that triggers on your elimination means that you should be less afraid of being eliminated (although it is probably a bad idea to get eliminated intentionally). If you claim your role in advance of ELo, you should expect to be eliminated, as you may well be seen as being more valuable eliminated than alive.

Sample Role PMs

The standardized Role PM for "Venge" describes the passive ability as follows:

  • With no modifier: Immediately upon being eliminated, you will be able to use a P1 ability. (edit)

Example (modifying an active ability)

Welcome to game! You are a Town Venge Jailkeeper.

Immediately upon being eliminated, you will be able to use a Jailkeeper ability.

You have no active abilities.

You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.

Confirm by replying to this PM with a summary of your role.