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Alias: none
Role type:
  • Alignment-Changing
Choice: none

Note: This page was unaltered in the overall update of all the roles' pages.

The Vampire is a role that begins as a powerless pro-Town Townie, but upon being lynched or nightkilled (or possibly just the latter), becomes a full-fledged member of the Mafia instead of dying. Alternatively the Vampire may have the option of whether or not they are resurrected, and also on which night they are resurrected. If the Vampire chooses not to be resurrected, they still win with the town. Obviously in an open setup there must be other mechanisms by which a role can be resurrected, and reasons why a role name might not be revealed on death.

Back to Gambits used the Vampire role, except the conversion was to a Werewolf. It was the counterpart to the Judas and Saulus roles that existed for the Mafia. The role description was as follows:

The Vampire is a regular Townie, who, upon being killed at night, may be reborn as a Werewolf. He dies a normal death if lynched. If unconverted (whether alive or dead), the Vampire wins with the Town. The Vampire will be able to choose on which night to return to life. If he chooses to become a Werewolf immediately, there will be an announcement of a Vampire sighting, so the Townies will know that the Vampire has become a Werewolf. If he chooses to become a Werewolf another night, no announcement will be made, and it will look like a normal resurrection. If killed at night (and not resurrected immediately), he will appear to be a regular Townie to his killers.