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Zaicon joined the MafiaScum forum September 1, 2012.

My Games

Game Name Moderator My Role Winning Side
Newbie 1284 ~ Blue KittyMo Mafia Goon Town Win D4
Newbie 1296: Playing Mafia 101 Guy_Named_Riggs Mafia Role Cop Mafia Win D4
Newbie 1297: Vanablanca Untrod Tripod Vanilla Townie Mafia Win D4
Newbie 1305 Jackal711 Vanilla Townie Town Win D3
Newbie 1329: Bortrax borkjerfkin Town Cop Mafia Win D3
Open 480 - C9++ Gammagooey Vanilla Townie Mafia Win D5
Micro 184: Communism, ho! Bitmap Shibuya Kazuya (Town Oracle) Town Win D2
Newbie 1427 Vel-Rahn Koon Town Jailkeeper Mafia Win D3

My Modded Games

Game Name Backup Mod Winner(s)
Quarriors N/A xRECKONERx
Quarriors 2 N/A HadMatter
Open 490: Donner Party Mafia N/A Serial Killer Win
Newbie 1382 Jackal711 Town Win
Micro 183: Rarefaction N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1379 N/A Town Win
Newbie 1380 N/A Mafia Win
Micro 196: Cracking Idea Mafia N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1409 N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1410 N/A Town Win
Micro 210: Rarefaction N/A Mafia Win
Mini 1488: Lucid Dreamer Mafia N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1423 N/A Town Win
Newbie 1424 N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1439 N/A Town Win
Newbie 1441 N/A Town Win
Micro 247: Matrix6 N/A Town Win
Newbie 1446 N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1447 N/A Town Win
Newbie 1473 N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1480 N/A Town Win
Newbie 1497 N/A Town Win
Newbie 1505 N/A Mafia Win
Mini Theme 1599: Greatest Idea Mafia N/A Werewolf Win
Newbie 1555 N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1556 N/A Town Win
Newbie 1580 N/A Town Win
Newbie 1581 N/A Mafia Win
Mini Theme 1650: Greatest Idea Mafia N/A Werewolf Win
Newbie 1602 N/A Town Win
Newbie 1605 N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1622 N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1623 N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1637 N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1638 N/A Town Win
Newbie 1660 N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1661 N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1677 N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1678 N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1687 N/A Town Win
Newbie 1688 N/A Mafia Win
Newbie 1714 N/A Ongoing

(Plus many Marathon Weekend 2013 games.)

My Backup-Modded Games

Game Name Primary Mod Winner(s)
Open 496: Ryuk is the protagonist Light-kun Town Win D6
Newbie 1394 - Bold Beginnings Human Destroyer Town Win D2
Newbie 1432 Cheery Dog Town Win D2
Newbie 1433 Safety Dance Mafia Win D4
Newbie 1460: The Not-So InnocentVillage innocentvillager Mafia Win D4
Newbie 1587 - Puppy Mafia Jake from state farm Mafia Win D3
Newbie 1642 Micc Mafia Win D3