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Hello, I am Yogurt Bandit, an Avid fan of Yougrt and the Yankees. YAY I am pretty awesome, if immature sometimes :).

^^^ If thats Guardian, You have bad grammar. :P


Current Record (1-0-0-2)

Replacement, Newbie 359 DEAD Mafia- Lynched Day 1 game over, Town wins

Notes:First game, Big Mistake.

Mafia 64:The New C9 Alive

Notes: Cool Game.

Replacment Open 19: Nightless Mafia DEAD Lynched Day 2

Notes: The Orignal player was too scummy so I had to pay XP

Coney Island 452: NBA All Stars Alive

Notes: My first Theme Game :P

Little Italy 455: Mafia in Theoville Dead Cop Lynched Day 3

Notes:Theoville is 1337.


  • Favorite Forum: Little Italy
  • Favorite Type: Mini Normal
  • Favorite Theme Game: NBA All Stars
  • Favorite Game Overall: The new C9
  • Favorite Role: Vig
  • 2nd Favorite Role: Day Vig
  • Least Favorite Type of Game: Nightless Mafia
  • Favorite Setup: Upick
  • Best Upick Role(By ME):Runescape haxor, Kills whoever Hammahed.