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Trogdor.gif This user plays Mafia. (Talk)


yawetag /-ĕ-tăg/ joined Mafia Scum on December 1, 2008. Many people thought (and still think) yawetag is an alt of Yaw; nothing could be further from the truth. In April, 2009, he took an extended leave of absence from the game, and returned in December, 2009.

I enjoy keeping up with the Wiki. I will look at new pages by other users and make style changes as needed to make the page look nicer. I also love to revert changes through spam. On February 28, 2010, I was promoted to a SysOp on the wiki.

About yawetag

I am 30-years-old. I live in a suburb north of St. Louis, Missouri. I work in Surveillance at a casino. When I'm not working or playing Mafia, I enjoy Geocaching and umpiring baseball and softball. I also enjoy playing classic RPGs that require mapping on graph paper (Bard's Tale, especially). I have been married since March, 2002, and have a three-year-old son, Sage, and a newborn daughter, Brenna.

yawetag is "gateway" written backwards. Many people where I live think it's because of the Gateway Arch, but in reality, I started using the name in 1996. When I had to come up with a handle for a local BBS, I looked at my (new) Gateway 2000 computer and reversed Gateway. Small fact: After registering many years ago, I took's front page and reversed it. It remained that way for months until I put real content on it.


I started the site playing Mafia games, but quickly began playing games in Mish Mash. After a few games of Mafia, I stopped joining games and focused more time on Mish Mash. When I returned to the site in December, I began playing Mafia games again.

Mafia Game Stats

I am currently playing in 1 Mafia game. I have completed 5 games and was replaced from 2 games.

Role Total Wins Losses Win Pct
Mafia Goon 1 0 1 0.0%
Mason 1 1 0 100.0%
Renegade 1 0 1 0.0%
Vanilla Townie 2 1 1 50.0%
Total 5 2 3 40.0%
Alignment Total Wins Losses Win Pct
Town 3 2 1 66.7%
Scum 1 0 1 0.0%
Third-Party 1 0 1 0.0%

Ongoing Games

Game Moderator Setup /in Start Death? Status Role
Geezer Mafia Dragon Phoenix Unknown Started 04/02/10 Killed Night 1 Day 2 Vanilla Townie

Completed Games

Game Moderator Setup /in Start Finish Death? Role Winner Win/Loss
Newbie #727 Thok F11 Replaced LACivilian 01/09/09 02/18/09 Killed N2 Vanilla Townie Town Win
Newbie #712 petroleumjelly F11 Started 12/04/08 02/20/09 Lynched D3 Mafia Goon Town Loss
Newbie #721 Mr. Flay F11 Replaced Japles 12/22/08 03/19/09 Lynched D3 Vanilla Townie Mafia Loss
Open #199 Papa Zito Friends and Enemies and Enemies Replaced Cat 01/25/10 03/05/10 Replaced N3 Mason Town Win

Due to some lurking scum, town won this one a bit easier than I think we should have. The Masons did well as a team, leading the town to lynch their intended target. I was replaced out during N3 due to a chat outside the forums about the game. The information was from an already-dead player telling me a role of another player. I notified Papa Zito, who had me replaced from the game.

Mini #936 - Bang! farside22 Bang! Started 03/03/10 03/31/10 Killed D4 Rose Doolan - Renegade Town & Sheriff Loss

My role required that I be the only one standing with the sheriff alive. That would have been impossible. The non-standard setup of the game (no nights; multiple shots per player; use of cards as defense) was a great way to play, but made it a little difficult for me to really get into as a Mafia game. I played it too much like a Mish Mash game, which was my downfall. To be honest, I was surprised I lasted so long.

Mish Mash Game Stats

I am currently playing in 7 games on the Mish Mash Forums. I have also finished 5 games.

Ongoing Games

Game Moderator Start Status
Yahtzee farside22 01/12/10 Round 2

Round 1: 3rd (187 points)
Round 2: 1st (231 points)

Round 3: 3rd (159 points)
Round 4: In Progress.

Texas Hold'em Poker jmj3000 02/17/10 Hand 4

pwnman: $5,160
danakillsu: $4,160
StrangerCoug: $6,380

Charnel: $4,940
yawetag: $5,100
Nobody Special: $4,080

NCAA Tournament Challenge mith 03/10/10 2nd of 15
Get the Picture zoraster 03/17/10 Round 3
Fantasy Baseball pickemgenius 03/20/10 Pre-Draft
Eat Poop You Cat mith 03/23/10 Round 3

Stalled Games

Currently, none of the games I'm involved in are stalled.

Completed Games

Game Moderator Start End Status
Too Greedy Max 01/28/09 02/05/09 7th of 10
Mafia Combat Empking 03/20/09 03/22/09 4th of 4
Nomic III MishMashHydra 01/02/10 02/11/10 Winner
To be fair, I only won the game because the Moderator didn't update the game. Players went /out, while others didn't post in the time span mandated by the rules. When I realized this, I posted within the time span, making me the only player active. As of 02/12/10, the game hasn't even been updated to show my win.
Reiner Knizia's Decathlon diginova 01/17/10 03/05/10 Second

100 Meters: 6th (29)
Long Jump: 4th (21)
Shot Put: 1st (35 - World Record)
High Jump: 5th (20)
400 Meters: 2nd (30)

110 Meter Hurdles: 3rd (27)
Discus: 5th (24)
Pole Vault: 5th (14)
Javelin: 2nd (25)
1500m Run: 10th (16)

A lot of fun. A bunch of dice rolls, but some strategy as well. I almost lost it in the last round, but was able to scrape out a silver. See.

Rock-Paper-Scissors ZephyrA 02/15/10 03/09/10 Second

Round 1: Won 2-1 against pwnman.
Round 2: Won 2-1 against razorback.

Round 3: Lost 2-1 against nessarae56.

Pretty basic game with very little strategy. It was all luck to make it to the Finals, but my luck ran out against nessarae56.


I enjoy moderating in the Mish_Mash forum. I attempt to moderate games that haven't been played before. I find games that are freely available online and adjust them to work forum-based. I feel I've done a great job in doing so, and have brought some fun games to the site in the process. I will moderate up to four games at a time. Most games take 5-10 minutes to update daily, so this requires approximately an hour of work. The work isn't tedious, but you have to ensure it's accurate.

I've added a twist to the sign-up process to all of my games. Instead of taking the first number of people that /in, I give 48 hours for all players to /in that are interested. At the end of the 48 hours, I use to randomize the list. I then take the list and pick the top people equal to the number of players needed. I feel this makes the sign-up process more fair to players that aren't able to be on as frequently as other players.

At the end of a game I'm moderating, I set up a survey that the participants may fill out. This will give me information on how well they liked the game and my moderating. I use this information to determine whether or not to return a game in the future and, if I do, how to change it to make it more enjoyable for the participants.

I began moderating an Open Mafia game, but abandoned the game when I left the site in April, 2009.

Mafia Moderator Stats

I am currently moderating 1 Open Setup game.

Ongoing Games

Game Setup Start Status
Open 215 - Game Show Mafia Gurgi EC8 04/08/10 Day 2

Mish Mash Moderator Stats

I am currently moderating 3 games on the Mish Mash Forums. I have completed 4 games and had 6 games abandoned.

Ongoing Games

Game Start Status
The Lost Pueblo of Dr. Green 02/13/10 Round 5 of 10.
Acrophobia 03/08/10 Round 5
Huzzah! 04/01/10 Taking /ins

Completed Games

Game Start End Winner MMPs?
Cartagena 01/16/09 03/18/09 mykonian Yes

1. mykonian (67.11 MMPs)
2. ortolan (47.45 MMPs)
3. Cybele (38.74 MMPs)

4. animorpherv1 (33.55 MMPs)
5. UltimaAvalon (30.01 MMPs)

Apples to Apples 01/31/09 04/11/09 Dourgrim Yes

1. Dourgrim (94.90 MMPs)
2. chenhsi (67.11 MMPs)
2. creampuffeater (67.11 MMPs)
4. animorpherv1 (47.45 MMPs)
4. Crazy (47.45 MMPs)

4. Drench (47.45 MMPs)
4. Jeffcole1 (47.45 MMPs)
8. farside22 (33.55 MMPs)
9. SensFan (31.63 MMPs)
9. Xdaamno (31.63 MMPs)

Bogart 12/17/09 02/06/10 chenhsi Yes

1. chenhsi (79.40 MMPs)
2. zoraster (56.15 MMPs)
3. Rhinox (45.84 MMPs)
4. bird1111 (39.70 MMPs)

5. animorpherv1 (35.51 MMPs)
5. RayFrost (35.51 MMPs)
7. jmj3000 (30.01 MMPs)

36d6 Game #1 01/24/10 03/05/10 Cobalt Yes

1. Cobalt (73.51 MMPs)
2. animorpherv1 (51.98 MMPs)
2. farside22 (51.98 MMPs)

2. ShadowLurker (51.98 MMPs)
5. MafiaSSK (32.88 MMPs)
5. ortolan (32.88 MMPs)

36d6 Game #2 01/24/10 03/23/10 chenhsi Yes

1. chenhsi (73.51 MMPs)
2. jmj3000 (51.98 MMPs)
3. dybeck (42.44 MMPs)

3. Nobody Special (42.44 MMPs)
5. mykonian (32.88 MMPs)
6. CSL (30.01 MMPs)

Stalled Games

Game Start End Stall Reason MMPs?
Brain Baseball 03/18/09 06/01/09 Moderator abandoned. Yes

1. mykonian (71.47 MMPs)
2. klebian (50.53 MMPs)
3. MonkeyMan576 (41.26 MMPs)
4. almightybob (35.73 MMPs)

4. animorpherv1 (35.73 MMPs)
4. chenhsi (replaced Cybele) (35.73 MMPs)
4. SensFan (35.73 MMPs)

Fight! 03/18/09 06/02/09 Moderator abandoned. Yes

1. bird1111 (66.16 MMPs)
2. aureza (46.79 MMPs)
3. Empking (38.20 MMPs)

3. skitzer (38.20 MMPs)
5. chenhsi (29.59 MMPs)
6. charter (27.01 MMPs)

Yahtzee Deluxe Poker 04/11/09 06/15/09 Moderator abandoned. Yes

1. animorpherv1 (40.14 MMPs)
1. crywolf20084 (40.14 MMPs)
1. Drench (40.14 MMPs)

1. farside22 (40.14 MMPs)
1. Prof. Guppy (40.14 MMPs)
1. StrangerCoug (40.14 MMPs)

Lunch Money 01/12/09 12/18/09 Moderator abandoned. Yes

1. mykonian (76.40 MMPs)
2. Sudo_Nym (54.02 MMPs)
3. animorpherv1 (Replaced Cybele) (44.11 MMPs)
4. chenhsi (38.20 MMPs)

5. Drench (34.17 MMPs)
6. animorpherv1 (Original) (0.00 MMPs)
7. xelada (28.88 MMPs)
8. UnofficialRulerOfEveryone (27.01 MMPs)

Note: animorpherv1 received 0.00 MMPs for his 6th place finish because he received 44.11 MMPs for his 3rd place finish (as a replacement for Cybele).

Blood Sword #1 12/30/09 01/30/10 Lack of player interest. No
10 Die Poker 02/07/10 02/10/10 No interest by players. Yes


The following are quotes I have found that relate to Mafia, as well as quotes of what others have said about me.

Mafia-Related Quotes

"The darkest places in Hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis." -- Dante

"Half a truth is often a great lie." -- Benjamin Franklin

"In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." -- Winston Churchill

"The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all." -- John F. Kennedy

"Distrust and caution are the parents of security." -- Benjamin Franklin