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UberNinja. The one and only. Learn about UberNinja here, on his GTKAS page. Known alts are: Colonel Guile, Vu and DJ P0n-3.

Known for being a damn good scumhunter, for unpredictability, and for unorthodox (yet still remarkably effective) scumhunting tactics.

Attended the Scummer of Love meet-up in San Diego, CA in July 2012, and also Balto the Meet in Baltimore, MD in May 2013.

Created the MS homepage, the LOL.gif smiley, helped create the official MS cards, and started the largest MS avatar virus ever.

Win Record

Win Loss Draw % Faction
29 15 0 65.91%  as All Factions
18 13 0 58.06%  as Town
10 2 0 83.33%  as Mafia / Werewolves
0 0 0 0%  as Cult
1 0 0 100%  as Self-Aligned

Clubs & Affiliations

Real-world Meets

Achievements (not this kind, silly)