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Please discuss all additions on the discussion pages before adding tasks. Thanks! Tn5421 22:59, 16 May 2014 (UTC)

Quick and dirty to-do list:

  1. Fix the Jungle_Anarchy page, it should look like Carbon-14, persuant of BBMolla`s post
  2. Add more-or-less useless pages to [[Category:Deletion_sought]] by using the tag {{deleteme}}
  3. Get chatroom link whitelisted so it can be linked to here. (Low priority)
  4. Get a member of our group promoted to SYSOP so we don't have to disturb actual staff members too much to fix problems on the wiki.

Long-Term to-do list:

  1. Fix the category [[Category:Open Setups]]
  2. Fix a large number of issues as reported by individual reports from Special:SpecialPages
  3. Get one of the admins to convince Chamber to update the WikiMedia software to its latest release. We are at least 0.05 versions behind (5 releases).