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  • Name: Vince
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Profession: Computer Programmer (C/C++/Java/Python/Perl/PHP/C#/VB/VBA, client wants it, I code it), College Student
  • Birthdate: April 16, 1986



Game Role Outcome Endgame? Notes
Newbie 536 Vanilla Townie Lost Yes Came down to Me, confirmed as Town, and two others. I jumped the gun and made a mistake, losing the game for town. Learned my lesson there. :P
Realistic Mafia Mayor Lost No That was an interesting game, turned into RP for a while, but got back in line, would play again.
Mafia 78 - Meta Breaking Mafia 1 Scum Mason Won Yes
Dynamite Stick Mafia Scum Lost No
Open 71 - Jester Mafia Vanilla Townie Lost No
Open 77 - Vengful Mafia Vanilla Townie Won Yes
Open 78 - Friends and Enemies and Enemies Vanilla Townie Lost No
Mafia 75 - Return of the Mafia! Delayed Cult Recruiter - Turned Survivor Won Yes Replaced into.
Mushroom Kingdom Mafia Lakitu Won Yes My alignment changed based on which side had more coins.
Mafia 79 - The Amish Mafia Vanilla Townie Lost Yes
Mini 584: Sudo_Nym Presents Vanilla Townie Won No Replaced into.
Mini 633, Death Note Mafia! Near, Mason Lost No
Mafia 85 - Murder at the Bus Stop Mafia Godfather Lost No
Newbie 681 Cop Lost No
Mystery Mafia 2 Recruited Mason Won Yes
Mafia 82: International Swiss Townie Win No Mod messed up at the end, so this is more like a partial win.
RealTime Mafia Mafia Game Canceled Game Canceled Game Canceled
Mushroom Kingdom Mafia II Monty Mole Replaced Out Replaced Out Replaced Out Of :(
The Call of Cutthulhufish Red [from Pokemon], Extended Jailkeeper Baton Passer Lost No Replaced into
Fall of the Matrix Current Game No
iPod Mafia Gravedigger Lost No
StrangerCoug's Favorite Roles Return Vanilla Townie (French Post Restriction) Won Yes This game was nuts, I could only post in French, and the Vig had a Vig Doc causing us to mislynch the vig
Tricycle Mafia Vanilla Townie Lost No
Open 304 - Hard Boiled Psychologist Won No I played pretty awful D1, which I never do great. And apparently I didn't send my action in N1, which I could have swore I did...
Mini 1179: Paranoia Mafia Vanilla Townie Won Yes
Return to Gambits Serial Killer Won Yes Woooo, my first SK, and I won.
Dr Who - Return of the Timelords 4th Doctor (Vanilla Townie) Lost Yes
Neon Genesis Evangelion Mafia Replaced Out Replaced Out Replaced Out Replaced out of :(
Wizards at the Sorcerers' Den Lich Won No Replaced into, multi faction, modified rules heavy. ALMOST GOT TO ENDGAME
Mini 1193: Hacker's Panic mafia. Vanilla Townie Lost No
Newbie 1466: ICECREAM! Mafia Goon Lost No
Mini 1535 Mafia Goon Won Yes Flawless victory.
Open 546: Fire and Ice Vanilla Townie Current Game No
Mini 1549 - House Party Mafia Current Game Current Game
Mini 1544: Binding of Isaac Mafia Current Game Current Game


Game Outcome Notes
Open 92 - Vengeful Mafia Town Win