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reinoe is the name of a super awesome player who played his first game at NEWBIE 1485. The Game is over and of course he (and the rest of the town)won!

Newbie 1485

Game Type Site Setup Mod Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie Mafiascum Matrix6 Cheery Dog Vanilla Townie Started Alive Spectacular Town Victory
Players: JKMatthews, dwsnsl5, reinoe, fferyllt, Imkingdavid, 3dicerolling, Lootifer, bjc, goodmorning

Day one...I was really excited to get my first game underway. I started off looking a little scummy but what I'm happy about is that just about everyone in the game was a new player so a lot of things I said and did were understood to be me being new. I got really suspicious of one player "Lootifer" and was ready to lynch him but then JKMatthews subbed into the game. I pounced on him immediately and yay a tradition of drunken posting. JKM led to a mislynch.

Day two...Ok mislynch but that happens. I felt bad about it too. GM started to lead a wagon on IAMKINGDAVID and I followed suit. I'm glad she did because I don't think I ever would have suspected IKD if fferrylt hadn't crumb suspicion on him. Ironically I would have suspected dws for day two, whom was also scum. Yay, lynched scum. Unfortunately Lootifer, town cop was killed at night.

Day three I tunneled 3Dice, but he kinda had town flail quality. And I defended dws on this day oh man game could have been over. Shocked that bjc got killed that night.

Day four was interesting. Goodmorning was conftown and I had already promised not to vote for her so, it was a just a simple matter of...pulling all kinds of ridiculous, unnecessary stunts and gambits to make GM vote sooner. I think they worked magnificently. GM voted dws and town won easily!


Faction Win Loss Tie Total Win %
Town 7 8 1 16 43.75%
Scum 3 1 0 4 75%
Third Party 0 0 0 0 0%
Total 10 9 1 20 50%


These articles are so well written I'm surprised I didn't write them myself.

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Antrax's Guide to Being a Good Townie

A Guide to Focusing on Scum and Getting them Lynched

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Player Blacklist...I won't play with these players. Aneninen


Mod Blacklist...I won't allow these people into my games.


Moderator Blacklist...I won't play in their games.


Burning Earth


reinoe: You forgot to include faking guilty on someone you're really suspicious of (as a scumhunting tool).

tn5421: That's covered under lying, gambits, fluff posting, confbiasing, tunneling, giving up, and reaction testing

reinoe: Among the best scum-hunting tools then. Except for giving up.

tn5421: Remind me to blacklist you from all of my serious games.