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In post 1510, Cheetory6 wrote:
@Elbirn, so you think scum is sitting in Monkey/Eektor/Boon? Can you talk to me about why Pie is a townread for you?
I want an acryon replacement before we go into night cycle. Please nobody be dumb and force a hammer before that. A fresh perspective from an almost certainly townslot will probably help.

Can I just save us all time and link her ISO?

Seriously she's one of the few people in this game who actually makes any damn sense. I like her analysis, I like her thought process, it all reads as genuine to me. Go read 929, 930, & 932. Tell me that isn't a damn townie entrance. I don't agree with 100% of it, but it seems to me that she's been trying to game-solve this whole time, and if scum can fake it that well, then congratulations Team-Scum, ya got me. It's also interesting how many townreads she threw out there, and thoroughly explained WHY. I don't see scum being that generous with townreads, nor do I see them giving an in depth explanation for every single one. Her stances on several players in particular, I felt, went against the grain; Monkeyman, Boon, and myself being townread at this stage I found to be notable, considering many were against us, particularly Monkey and myself.

In the rereading I did for this post, I had an initial worry about her stance on FF, she threw out a townread for him and when I prodded her about it her answer was very brief... and then I remembered; FF was the traitor, so *Team-Scum didn't know he was with them*. And that's it, that's the only scummy thing I could see.

I'm also a big fan of the fact that she pushes people and has actual arguments/discussions with people instead of making commentary and vaguely sniping like everyone else. And her frustration with Eektor/Boon reads genuine to me. All of this, imo, is coming from town. Add the fact that the only people who really seem to be pushing Pie/Elbirn = Team Scum (aside from RC) are my scumreads? Nah.

I've just finished reading her whole ISO. I see no scum here. If anyone wants to come up with a case against her, instead of just saying "lul Pie is scum" with ZERO fucking reasoning behind it, I will consider that case. I am willing to consider the possibility that I am wrong, I mean fuck I'm wrong all the time. But considering I've yet to hear a decent reason for her being scum, from anyone? Until that changes, there is absolutely no chance I'm voting her today.

~ Elbirn, Mini 1642: The Burning. I was scum.

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