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I'm Natirasha, pretentious avant-garde moderator.

Also can be found...

Nati's Modded Games

Nati's Played Games

Any games prior to my return in 2013 are not included in this total.

Current Record: 7-18 Town 4-6 Mafia 2-0 Third Party

  • Mini 1454(Loss). I was a Vanilla Townie. Played under my alt Hooker Punch. We lost due to idiotic cops. Game was my first from my return, so it's kinda meh.
  • Micro 191--NikPick 3(Loss). I was Poorly-Drawn Author-Avatar Mary Sue, voteless town jailkeeper. We lost due to me being kingmaker and being dumb. Oh well.
  • Mini Theme 1461--Paradox Prime(Win). I was a Kyrie Wilson, Vanilla Townie. Although the setup was pretty town-sided(and crazy!), we still won by only the slightest of margins. Very fun game, great player list.
  • Micro 216--NS's Surprise Mafia(Loss). I was a town Dayvig. Shot the other dayvig immediately at random. This cascaded into a critical loss for our team. YOLO.
  • Micro 220--Mainstream Micro 4(Win). I was the town neighborizer, neighborized the cult leader night one as he culted me. Despite this, I ended up fucking up my claim(Alarmist) so bad, but the town didn't kill me. Day three, I cultslipped. Still didn't get lynched and lurked to victory...
  • Mini 1492--Castle Mafia(Loss). I was the Meredith, town Cop. Game was close, but we had a unanimous townread on one of the scum and the town had a lot of deathtunneling on each other. Alright game though.
  • Open 527--Hard Boiled: Dixon Hill's Maudlin Madness(Loss). I was a mafia goon. Despite forcing out all three town power roles by day two and getting two of them killed, the rest of my scumteam was having an off game and kinda threw.
  • Death's Diner(Loss). I was a Chocolate Zombie, town role thief. Replaced into a slot with suspicion on it day two, correctly called 3/4 of the scumteam, who did a massive push towards me and got me lynched over obvscum.
  • Mini 1484--Pick Your Partners(Win). I was a mafia goon. This was a variation of Jungle Republic where the players had some say in who their teammates would be. After a disastrous day two, I bussed both my partners and somehow managed to stay off the radar enough to make it to the endgame. Very, very proud of this win--I usually don't feel good about my day-game, and that's all this was.
  • Micro 232-Rob13's Bastard Mafia(Win). As the Garruk Relentless hydra. We were a Mafia Ninja JoAT Lover. Game was secretly mountainous. Ended up catching this fact early and fakeclaiming Ninja Alarmist Lover to the win.
  • Mini Normal 1496--Cash Cabd(Loss). I replaced in as a mafia strongman. Setup was skewed heavily towards the town, the power roles played really well and the player list was scary. To top it off, my predecessor fakeclaimed PGO. Yeah, this didn't go well.
  • Mini 1488--Lucid Dreamers(Loss). I was a dreamer. Half the game was inactive. By the end, I didn;t even care about winning or losing, just wanted to end it. That's all I'll say about that.
  • Micro 245--Saving the Riverdale Empire(Win). I was VT. Lurky game. Ended up being nightkilled for some odd reason as lynchbait, which worked out to our benefit, leading to a win.
  • SMBMIII: Bowser's Mega Potluck Surprise(Loss). I was Kamek, a VT. Replaced in day one after three players got booted due to flaming. Successfully lynched scum, then the OTHER scum team dayvigged me. Okay.
  • Touhou UPick (Win). I was Mystia Lorelei, Town Reflexive Neighborizer/1-shot Weak Cop. I was browbeat into joining this game by FakeGod. It worked out, though, nailed 2/3 scum day one, and we won by day four in a complete rout of the scum team.
  • Micro 237--Greatest Idea (Win). I was a Mafia Conspiracy Theorist. Somehow became the biggest non-IC townread and had townies crossvoting in MyLo. I count this as a third-party win because I was a mafia team of one.
  • Mini 1522--Ace Attorney: Mafia For All (Loss). As the geists hydra. We were Sal Manella, a VT. The setup was super-stacked in favor of the mafia and SK, but an early massclaim sorta broke the setup. However, it still wasn't enough to overcome the setup balance and we got a technical loss.
  • Mini 1507--We the Purple (Loss). I replaced in day one as scum. This game was advertised as bastard, but really that just meant that the town had multiple players replacing out to confirm their alignment and we could lynch the mod. Also, bulletproof lynchproof power-role giver on the town side. Yeah. Whatever. We still played hard and only lost in a tough MyLo.
  • Marketplace Mafia 3 (Loss). As the Harakiri hydra. We were an town entrepreneur. Scum played well, and the setup's mechanics dictated that town could not coordinate.
  • Fire Emblem Awakening Mafia (Win). I was Virion, Town Multiproposer. Game had a marriage mechanic to create extra players. Town was on FIRE this game.
  • A UPick of Ice & Fire (Loss). Played as the Garruk Relentless hydra. We were Tyrion Lannister, town Double-Hated two-shot Motivator. Town had practically an unloseable position day four, but a series of fake guilties on townies(including one on us!) led to a critical loss.
  • Micro 276--Peek a Boo! Mafia (Loss). I was a mafia player. The gimmick here was no one knew their role or alignment at the start. I still figured out I was scum d1, and almost ran over the game. Except my partner hammered me in LyLo and subsequently lost.
  • Mini 1531--Mafia Pinnipedum (Loss). I was a Wax Seal, Vanilla Townie. Vig killed mason and the other mason claimed trimasons with scum. Yeah.
  • Red Wine Mafia (Win). I was Mafia Goon, replaced in day one. Night one and two went horrible, with the town busdriver killing our neighborizer and having to bus our godfather day two. Thankfully, I was able to manipulate some mislynches and miraculously avoided getting lynched in LyLo.
  • Shadow's Newbie 1451 (Loss). I replaced in a vanilla townie day one. I don't usually play newbies as a rule, but this was a favor for Shadow Dancer. I ended up getting into a TvT argument in LyLo and let scum get through. Oh well.
  • Mini 1523--VisCon: Desert Kingdom (Loss). I was Arryanavit, town miller strongman tracker lover. Yeah. Played well and me and two other players(Brian Skies and zMuffinMan had the game locked down. Sadly, we got killed and town derp'd in LyLo.
  • Mini 1509--Marriage in Mafiatown (Win). I was a mafia goon. This was a hallow victory.
  • Mini 1519--Empking's SUPREME (Loss). I was a vanilla townie turned monk. We played hard and I gambited the scum into no killing twice, but it failed in the end.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Mafia (Win). I was Lacus Clyne, town empowerer. The town was terrible, we had a claimed SK day one and spent the next three days divided on whether to leash or lynch him. After his death, the town worked together and claimed the win in the sexiest fashion possible.
  • Street Racers: Las Vegas (Loss). I was Ricarda Carbajal, mafia goon. Claimed gunsmith d1, claimed one shot bp d4. Almost got there.
  • Song Contest U-Pick (Loss). As the Garruk Relentless hydra. We were Haunted--Poe, town roleblocker. Blocked scum four nights in the game, but town doesn't listen. Led to a bit of madness and self-hammered.
  • Social Engineering Mafia II (Loss). I was Bob Loblaw, Mafia Tailor. This was played on MTGSalvation, as a secret alt game. I actually had the game on complete lockdown with literally everyone townreading me. Then, literally one phase from winning, the SK(who had 'died' night one) killed me and stole my body. I was very sad.
  • Tales of Vesperia Mafia (Loss). As Team 9. We were Repede, town odd-night tracker. We were so town and had such good reads we were killed n1. Dun dun dun.
  • Attack On Titan (Win). I replaced into zmuffinman's slot as Rancid Broderick Drake day two. We were Armin Arlert, Town Vengeful Neighbor. I came in a caught mastin-scum pretty easily and saved muffin from tunneling Tammy all game. In MyLo, we then won or something by lynching Broseidon I guess. PIRATES!
  • NY 169: The EPIC XD Mafia Game of Greatness (Win). As the geists hydra, we were a vanilla townie. Had okayish reads, got nightkilled earlyish. Long game, I didn't pay attention and let fferyllt lead.