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About Me

Hi there!

My name comes from being a mother to my actual children and to others who choose to call me Mama and see me in that role for them. The Tort part is short for tortoise because I love torties. I am a Native American, US Navy veteran and work in higher education. That's about all the personal details you're gonna get here.

I started my own wiki to keep track of my games on the recommendation of Ircher. Rather than just posting my mafiascum games, however, I am posting all of the mafia games I've played to create a more comprehensive picture of my meta. Sadly, I can't figure out how to link to the games on other sites.

Also, I track all my games and notes in a spreadsheet so I can remember them, learn from them, and if needed, refer back to them. No, I don't share that sheet since it includes my ongoing games as well as some other stuff.

I am a long time gamer, playing mostly MMOs and tabletop RPGs. I also spend time playing Minecraft and probably way more time than I should be playing Torn.

Misc Quotes and Quips

Hectic: "I pity you. You are oblivious to my dangerously high level of humour and wall-breaking meta play, and as a result, I will now affectionately call you 'Torty'."

Pirate Mafia: The village spends the whole game trying to figure out why I didn't tie the vote to save myself (a red) and reading into the move as some underhanded plot when really I just wasn't paying attention. Bahahahaha!

Isaccasi: "Me, mama and Gabby, the holy trolligy." (Torn mafia game)

Gabby100: "Detective Mama strikes again" (Torn Puppet mafia meme)


(does not include in progress games)

Alignment Played Won Lost Win Percentage
Town 10 4 6 40.00%
Mafia 2 2 0 100.00%
Neutral 2 1 1 50.00%
Other 1 1 0 100.00%
Totals 15 8 7 53.33%

Game History

My own roles and alignments will not be revealed in this wiki until after I have died and my role card revealed.

Start Date Title Game Site Type Alignment Role Status Outcome Result Notes
10 Mar 20 Mr Bastardous Bastard Mafia Torn Bastard Neutral Vanilla Killed N4 Mafia Win Lost Mafia was a serial killer, my wincon was to just survive...
09 Mar 20 Poor Approximations of Wooloos MafiaUniverse Hydra Town Vanilla Survived Mafia Win Lost Hydra with Denmon as Mamamon was very interesting
08 Mar 20 Bloodbath at the Second Dawn MafiaUniverse Hidden Votes Town Treestump Survived Mafia Win Lost Alignments flipped 24 hrs later and votes were hidden
28 Feb 20 Mafia on Strings Torn Bastard Town Puppeteer Survived Town Win Won bastard game with many plot twists, very fun, I think I did well
17 Feb 20 Star Trekkin' MafiaUniverse Normal Town Vanilla Survived Mafia Win Lost Subbed in on D2 for someone who didn't do anything D1.
13 Feb 20 Valentine's Inn Massacre Torn Pairs Town No roles Killed N2 Town Win Won Everyone had a partner, no roles, no flips on lynches.
25 Jan 20 Pirate Mafia Torn Normal Mafia Goon Lynch D1 Mafia Win Won Got to try my hand at flavor writing!
13 Jan 20 Low Power 17er MafiaUniverse Normal Town Vanilla Lynch D6 Mafia Win Lost I am ashamed of my performance
06 Jan 20 Magicians 17p MafiaUniverse Role Madness Mafia Vigilante (2 shot) Survived Mafia Win Won Proud of my first time as mafia
02 Jan 20 Court Mafia Torn Court Memory Vanilla Survived Memory Win Won This was just crazy insanity
20 Dec 19 Newbie 1975 - Zen MafiaScum Newbie Town Vanilla Survived Town Win Won The extra long day phase is torture
15 Dec 19 Discord Mafia Torn Bastard Town Vanilla Killed N4 Mafia Win Lost Even more confusing than previous
20 Nov 19 Bees & Birds Torn Bastard Neutral Natural Disaster Survived Mafia, Disaster, Ghost Win Won Exceptionally confusing
03 Nov 19 Town vs Mafia Torn Normal Town Investigator Killed N1 Mafia Win Lost Didn't really have a chance to play
02 Sep 19 Sheep vs Wolves Torn Normal Town Vanilla Survived Town Win Won Was brought in as a replacement D5