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Welcome to my page. I pretty much specifically stay on the Mish Mash/LSG portion of Mafiascum. I play survivor and the rare occasional mafia game. I sometimes play mish mash games, but not often.

Anonymous Games:

Android 18-6th Place (Survivor Abridged)

Valla-10th Place (Survivor Nexus)

Aria-4th Place (Ned's Declassified School Survivor Guide)

Tracer-1st Place (7-1-0 vote) (Survivor Reverse the Curse)

Saito Yamaguchi-lost (Nonary: Ambidex Panic)

Flim & Flam Brothers (Flim)-12th Place (Survivor Equestria)

Oracle-1st Place (4-3.5-1 vote) (Survivor Wes Anderson)

Petra-5th place (Survivor: Three Houses)

Non-Anon Games (that I remember lol):

4/20 Vivor Discord-7th Place

Survivor: Magic Kingdom-12th Place

Survivor: Live Social Game-8th Place

Allocate/Execute Season 4-10th Place

Spitfly Season 3-10th Place

Spitfly Season 4-7th Place

Survivor: Know Your Enemies-4th Place

Rocksvivor-2nd Place (7-1)

Survivor: Wheels on Wheels (discord), 5th boot

Survivormeet IV, 2nd boot (first eliminated after 1st boot returned)

Offsite games (that I remember):

Nsider Survivor Season 2, non anon-1st Place (7-2 vote)

Nsider Survivor All Stars, non anon-4th Place

Survivor: Kanto, Character: Phanpy-26th Place (quit)

Super Survivor Bros, Character: Ganondorf-1st Place (8-5 vote)

Endure 8: Mobius, non anon-9th Place

Paranoia: Estate of Fear, non anon-3rd Place (3-3-1)

Quarendurentine, non-anon-52nd place (quit)

All Out 3, non anon-17th Place

Austin's House 3 (anon, Big Brother): Gaping Hole-3rd Place

Gay BB (Big Brother non anon), 1st Place (5-1) (3 did not vote)

Official Unofficial 4 (Paranoia Related Survivor game non anon), 1st place (6-3-2)

Triumph Season 4 (non anon) - 5th Place

Triumph All-Stars (Season 6, non anon) - 9th place

Official Unofficial 6 (Paranoia Related Survivor game non anon), 1st place (6-4)

Anonymous Games that I have spectated (that I remember):

Summer of Spookz-Dodger Allen

Survivor: MLS-Tampa Bay Rowdies

Killing School Semester-Monaca Towa

Survivor Legendary-Giratina

Survivor: Red, Purple, Green-Zelda

Disney's World Domination-Edna Mode

Survivor of the Fittest-Venus Flytrap

Survivor: Pantheon-Circe

Survivor: Adorable Critters-Qhaunkrets

Survivor: Risk v Reward-Suicune

Games I Have Hosted/Reviewed:

Survivormeet III-Host (non-anon)

Hybrid: Hunger Games-Host (Effie Trinket)

Survivor: Power vs Wisdom vs Courage-Host (Zelda)

Survivor: Flash Mob-Host (Don Corneo)

Survivor: Police Department-Reviewer (Judge)

MafiaScum Idol Season 1 & 2-Host (Mish Mash Contest)

Survivor: Barely Survivor-Reviewer (Surveyor Malkon)

Survivor: Village-Host (Mia Winters)