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Welcome!! You are visiting Me=Weird's wiki page (hopefully you knew that anyway). I joined MafiaScum March 22 2010. I went looking for wiki pages I liked, and stole the coding from VRK's page. I'm currently modding an open game, Fire and Ice. can't believe how long it's been since I edited this. Instead of F&I, I'm modding a newbie, as well as being fairly close to the top of the mini normal queue.

If you need a replacement for a BaM Mini Normal, PM me.

Cheese Mafia, an approximately 25 player large theme, has 11 pre-in spots open, and could use another couple of reviewers and a back-up mod.

Prefer to be a Pro-Mafia Player. J promafia sign opt16.gif

Favorite Quotes

"This is the temporary shelter so the mafia addicts don't die from withdrawal." - Nikanor

"Me=Weird did the best "I'm a power role but I'm not going to get targeted" play I think I've ever seen." - Amished

Newbie Games

  • Currently in: 0

Game Mod Status Role Death Result Comments
Newbie 933 DarkLightA Complete Vanilla Townie Lynched D2 Town Win A good learning experience for me; I did horribly.
Newbie 921 animorpherv1 Complete Vanilla Townie Endgamed Mafia Win Gah. I helped lynch one of the scum after I replaced Quakmybush, but then got the wrong guy D4.
Newbie 932 Sotty7 Complete Vanilla Townie NK'ed N4 Mafia Win I got all of 3 posts in before the not-very-smart doc quick-hammered and lost the game. In the quick topic, scum said they killed me because they thought my predecessor was giving out doc tells. Replaced pdor.
Newbie 928 hohum Complete Mafia Roleblocker Lynched D3 Town Win I feel that if Zorblag hadn't replaced in, and toblerone hadn't claimed cop, we could have won. Replaced Ren.
Newbie 951 Sotty7 Ruined by players Mafia Goon Undead Reset razorback and nessarae56 cheated and were subsequently banned from the Newbie Queue. Game is reset in 953. Set-up and roles are being reset.
Newbie 942 RedCoyote Complete Vanilla Townie Lynched D2 Town win Replaced into a suspected spot, sadly my replacee had already voted the person I think is most likely scum. Replaced Hades. Never really got into this game.
Newbie 953 Sotty7 Complete Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 1 Town win Resetting of 951, wish Nessa and razor hadn't cheated.
Newbie 943 hasdgfas Complete Doctor Lynched D2 Mafia Win Replaced whattheduck. Claimed early, got lynched for it. Blah. An example of the games I don't get into. They lynched the person I wouldn't have. And lost.
Newbie 947 Zachrulez Complete Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 1 Mafia Win Replaced xSekirei. Got lynched for a joke.
Newbie 957 Vel-Rahn Koon Complete Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 4 Mafia Win Weirdness. jay claimed scum, and he and another player have been arguing for pretty much the whole game, so it's really hard for me to get a read on anyone. In addition, the previous mod, iamausername, flaked after the move, so of course Vel-Rahn Koon had to get involved and take over. Gah!!!!! I attacked the scum, he made a bad defense, and I jokingly said, "I will now blatantly AtE and say: Town'l be sorry if you lynch me!", and the other townie didn't realize it was a joke apparently, and that's part of why he lynched me.
Newbie 955 Korejora Complete Mafia Goon Survived Mafia Win Don't you just love replacing? I do. This time, I replaced Valkyrie. I won as scum!!!!!! First time ever. It was hilarious. Thor had voted me, then when I checked in on it, two townies had voted each other, my partner had piled on one of them, and I quick-hammered for the win.
Newbie 961 CSL Complete Mafia Goon Lynched D2 Town win Replaced into this one on page 2. I don't believe I'll start any newbies again.
Newbie 978 Amished Complete Doctor Endgamed Mafia Win My first game as an IC. AGar was scum?! *sigh* At least my doc claim was convincing this time. And so continues my streak of losing in 3p LyLo.
Newbie 974 hohum Complete Vanilla Townie NK'd Night 2 Mafia Win I replaced during night, and apparently scum didn't want a fresh perspective. Replaced The Map.

Open Games

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Game Mod Status Role Death Result Comments
Open 244: Carbon-14 bv310 Complete Werewolf Survived Werewolf Win Isn't interesting how some open games are actually semi-open? Replaced RayFrost D1. BaM ruleset. Haha another scum win. Partner was copper, what they(hydra) call breadcrumbs, I call AtE.

Mini Normal Games

  • Currently in:

Game Mod Status Role Death Result Comments
Mini 967: Mafia War Snow_Bunny Complete Vanilla Townie Lynched D1 Mafia A Win My first non-newbie. Here goes. I will be lynched, no doubt. And I was!!
Mini 1073: Autumn Mafia AGar Complete Mafia Goon Survived Mafia Win This might be my favorite game yet. AGar ran it under BaM, which I like because one of my least favorite things about games is when the days just go on forever. I think I started out going pretty good, but the last couple days I slacked off some.
Mini1147-Royal Mafia at the Round Table neil113 Day 5 Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 1 Ongoing Ongoing-no comments.
Mini 1159 - Powerrox93's Mini Normal I Powerrox93 Complete Vanilla Townie Survived Town Win Kind of an interesting set-up. It was a pretty enjoyable game, and one of the only ones where as town I've survived and won.

Mini Theme Games

  • Currently in: 0

Game Mod Status Role Death Result Comments
Mini 981: Descent into Chaos SaintKerrigan Complete Servant of Xastarte Lynched D3 Mafia Win My first mini theme. Hopefully it will go better than my first mini normal. Woo! Deadlines are 6 RL days. I didn't get lynched! And a new record of not having a single vote on me for any period of time during Day 1 or Day 2! And then I got lynched without being able to say anything between when I got the first vote and the thread was locked. Whoopee. Scum got a perfect sweep.
Mini 982 - The Mars Volta Mafia Seraphim Complete Metatron Survived Town Win Inn'ed for this one because Seraphim said knowledge of the band was mostly because it rocks(his words). I finally survived a game!!! Sure, there was the equivalent of a cop innocent on me, but still. I successfully helped lynch the last scum, as well as the first one, kinda. And then we converted incognito, the SK to town with our psychologist. I really enjoyed this game.
Mini 965 - Infection Mafia Phate Complete Town Aligned Infected Townie Died of Infection Night 3 Mafia Win Replaced into this because Phate PM'd me. Stupid Infection, I only got 5 posts in before the Infection killed me. Mafia won. Which is weird, because the forgot to kill every single night, and the mafia doc died of infection. But they still won.
Mini 1,011: Help! My Computer Got Infected! StrangerCoug Complete Keyboard, a Vanilla Townie Short-circuited in the endgame Mafia Win Finally! A StrangerCoug game for me. Tazaro got mod-killed. That is why you don't link 4 ongoing games. Not sure how I feel about this. True, no one suspected me, but all my reads were completely wrong.
Mini 1031 - Encore Mafia Plum Complete Doctor Endgamed Inquisitor win We lynched scum d1, another got vigged n1, another one was modkilled d2, then we lost two town, one of them(the vig) mislynched, the other nightkilled. But then we lynched yet another mafia, though this one was a traitor, but we still lost. To a cult.

Large Theme Games

  • Currently in: 0

Game Mod Status Role Death Result Comments
Quirkytown StrangerCoug Complete Vanilla Townie NK'd Night 1 Town Win Not only my second StrangerCoug game, but also my first large. I'll have fun with the Post Restrictions! What the… Another mod-kill in a stranger game? Weird. No!!!!! My first large and I die N1. Grrrrr. Die whoever killed me!!
Mafia on Holy Orders Vi Complete Righteous Lynched D4 Demon win Blergh. Not one of my better games, probably because I was in like three larges and a mini at the time.
Succession Mafia Mr. Flay Complete Ignazio, Recruited Goon Assassinated Night 2 Vittorio Cult win Well, the enemy cult killed me N2, thinking I was recruiter. It was hard for me to keep up because I'd log on, and see 5 new pages or more, which was incredibly demotivating.
SWN III: Dreamland Castle Is Under Siege StrangerCoug Abandoned Role-blocker Enabler Survived until it was abandoned Everyone wins Argh!! SC had to abandon it because SpyreX died, when the mafia who killed him was role-blocked, so even if it went on, the role-blocker would have known one of the mafia. At least I found the SK. It will be redone in SWN IIIS.
StrangerCoug's Worst Nightmare IIIS: The Dungeon StrangerCoug Complete Vanilla Townie Replaced out, KoC survived Town Win Overall, a pretty good game, though I was getting annoyed at tasky. Then I had to replace out for RL reasons, and missed out on Fate.

Modded Games

  • Currently modding: 2

Game Status Result Comments
Open 256~Fire and Ice Mafia Complete Town win See my after game post.
Newbie 1061 Complete Town win Mafia Goon got lynched D1, then the cop investigate the RB, so I didn't think scum had a chance until RayFrost replaced in, role-blocked the cop, and made it to 4p MyLo.
Mini 1152 Complete 3-way Draw Game would've been a werewolf win, except Occult was too paranoid about vollkan.
Newbie 1102 Day 2 Ongoing First game with new set-up, 20f4 newbie with role-cop instead of role-blocker.
Newbie 1113 Day 1 Ongoing Ongoing-No comment