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Two face.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)


LyingBrian joined MafiaScum on September 04, 2005. He stumbled across the website doing a random search, and decided to join the fun. His first Mafia experience was with PookyTheMagicalBear and VisMaior playing a game called Eyewitness.

LyingBrian also started the first MafiaScum Texas Hold'Em Tournament in September 2005. This tournament lasted for seven months before he was forced to take a seven month hiatus from MafiaScum due to personal problems in April 2006 until he returned in November 2006. LyingBrian created the alter-ego Dani Banani, which he used for a short time, but has since resumed playing as LyingBrian.

LyingBrian earned the custom title "Does not play well with others" in February 2007 nominated by Sailor Jerry. Sailor Jerry nominated him for this title because he had solved his own connections in the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon thread, and because he also connected his own pictures in the Picture Association thread.

Game History


23 Games
  • 8 Wins
  • 12 Losses
  • 3 Draws

New York

Game Title Mod Role Scene Result W/L/D
Mafia 44 Generic Mafia Dranko20 Lawyer Night 2 abandoned D
Mafia 42 Italian Mafia halo freak Roleblocker Night 6 Mafia L

Little Italy

Game Title Mod Role Scene Result W/L/D
Open 13 Finnish Mafia [[]] [[]]

Coney Island

Theme Park

Road to Rome

Mod History


6 Games
  • 4 Mafia
  • 2 Town
  • 0 Ongoing

Little Italy

Road to Rome