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izakthegoomba (more commonly known as izak) is a scummer who joined the site on the 11th April 2011. He is fairly terrible at mafia, except for occasional moments of brilliance where he draws 3-shot Vig and takes out the entire scumteam. Maybe.

Notable achievements

izakthegoomba is probably best known for moderating the highly successful Planet MafiaScum in the Mish Mash forum, which ran for over 11 months and 300 pages. He plans to moderate a similar game in the near future.

In April 2012 mith appointed izak as the first Mish Mash Mod. He maintains the Mish Mash Game List, as well as organising the Archive and generally helping run the forum.

izak won the award for Outstanding Mish Mash Game in the 2012 Scummies, for moderating Planet MafiaScum.