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A Notice

This ruleset is very old and has not been updated to reflect the current newbie setup and rules. I would not advise using this ruleset for current newbie games.


[color=orange]1. All site and mafia rules must be adhered to in this game. Some of the major ones are covered below. 2. [b]Do NOT discuss ongoing games in this thread. In addition, do NOT discuss this game outside this thread and any other places where I have specifically allowed (like the Mafia PT.)[/b] 3. The mod reserves orange in the game thread. In addition, in private threads, [/color][color=yellow]Yellow will be used instead.[/color] [color=orange]Do not attempt to impersonate me. In addition, be aware that a backup mod may reserve a different color; do not impersonate them 4. [b]Encryption of any kind is forbidden. Breadcrumbing is fine.[/b] 5. [b]Trust tells are forbidden and should not be used.[/b] 6. Do not use *provable* randomness. 7. Pre-game will last 72 hours, and the game thread alongside all PTs shall be open during that time. Days will have a minimum deadline of 14 days and a maximum of 21 days depending on if extensions are given. Night will last 48 hours. [b]Mafia do NOT have daytalk.[/b] 8. All players, in addition to confirming their role by pm, are expected to [b]post at least once during pre-game[/b]. Failure to do so will result in a prod. Prods will be issued every 48 hours with no exceptions. Players will have 24 hours to respond to a prod. [b]Moderator discretion will be used to determine when a player should be replaced due to too many prods; there is no set magic number.[/b] 9. The IC position is a volunteer teaching position. They are expected to abide by the [url=]How to be a Good IC Article[/url] and have at least 5 games of experience on the site. Feel free to ask the IC about any [b]theory-related[/b] questions. 10. To vote, use bolded tags or vote tags. They will look like this: (The latter is preferred) [b]Vote: Playernane[/b] or [v]Playername[/v]. The code is shown below: [code][v]Playername[/v][/code] 11. To unvote, use bolded tags or unvote tags. They will look like this: [b]Unvote: Playername[/b] or [uv]Playername[/uv]. [b]You do not have to unvote to change votes.[/b] Code follows: [code][uv]Playername[/uv][/code] 12. You can vote for No Elimination just as you can a player: [v]No Elimination[/v]. 13. An elimination occurs when 50% of players (rounded down) + 1 vote for a player. The final vote is called the hammer, and once a hammer is placed, that player's fate is sealed. After a hammer, the game enters twilight ,and all living players (including the eliminated player) may continue to post [b]until I either a) Lock the thread or b) Post the final VC.[/b] If a wagon does not get enough votes before deadline, then the day will end in No Elimination. [/color]