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Human Destroyer

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So, uh, hi. I'm Human Destroyer, more commonly known as HD.

I play games of mafia. 'Nuff said.

Played Games

Successful Town Games

Open 475, Twin Trap

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Open Venrob Town Vanilla Started Killed Night 1 8 days 1/1 Town Win
I caught unseencamo on Page 2 on a bad push and MonkeyMan on a badly timed Watcher fakeclaim. Despite ArcAngel, the most widely suspected player in the game, being the counterclaim, I still managed to strongarm a lynch on MonkeyMan. unseencamo killed me instead of the effectively confirmed PR ArcAngel, who pulled off the clutch watch on me for the win. Despite a few modding issues, I will still remember this game as my first town win onsite.

Mini 1415: Fairly Oddparents Mafia

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Mini Theme numberQ Town Vanilla (AJ) Started Survived 15 days 2/3 Town Win
This setup was massively townsided, since town members were pretty much 2-Shot Universal JOATs and all scum had to work with were 2 backfires per night and a nightkill. That said, we mislynched PeregrineV Day 1 (he hammered himself sadly). There was no nightkill the next night, but during the night I wished for a 1-shot dayvig the next day. I successfully dayvigged adorkable, who was scum. Klick got modkilled for wishing for a self lie detector when it was too late for the mod to realize how broken it was. We lynched Benmage that day, who had been town but wished to be a serial killer for some reason, so I counted that as a scum lynch. Sanjay got killed next night, but he was a tree stump so no real harm was done. I, again, wished for a dayvig and successfully dayvigged kiwieagle. For some reason captaineddie also dayvigged Vifam who was town (and who I was pretty much sure of being town), but we ended up lynching Seanald, the final scum, anyway.

Micro 120: Terrible Music Mafia

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Micro Nachomamma8 Town Crazy Bus (Modified Commuter) Started Survived 26 days 2/4 Town Win
I got pretty much the best role ever in Crazy Bus, which allowed me to drive for 72 hours (does nothing); then I would become completely invincible for the next 48 hours. However, I lurked hardcore this game, and when I wasn't lurking, I was pretty much pushing for a Majiffy lynch since it seemed to me like he was lining up lynches. Not really too much to comment on, but the flavor was excellent.

Micro 131: The Inheritance Cycle

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Micro TraceyLyn11 Town Neighbor Started Survived 20 days 2/2 Town Win
This game was a perfect town win where I was neighbors with Robocopter87. Not a single town player died throughout the game. I tried and failed at strongarming a Violet lynch Day 1, but that was okay because he wasn't scum; guille was, and we successfully lynched him. We quicklynched Nachomamma8 Day 2 because pirate mollie roleblocked him when there was no nightkill; there was much rejoicing after. Overall, I felt the setup was somewhat townsided since Mafia only had a negative role and town had 2 PRs plus neighbors.

Newbie 1324

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Newbie Xalxe Town Doctor Replaced lolguy26 Day 2 Survived 49 days 2/2 Town Win
I'm really happy with my performance this game; I caught both scum in my catch up and successfully got them both lynched. The Nobody Special lynch actually came from a bad Cop claim which I countered, myself being a Doctor and Tochica being a Jailkeeper. There's really not too much more to say.

Micro 139: Epic Mafia Roles

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Micro Majiffy Town Vanilla Started Survived 28 days 2/2 Town Win
ConsonantM was obvscum to me, caught him extremely early Day 1, and never took my vote off him for the entire game. Not even for the obvscum Antagon lynch, because for me, Antagon would gain more scumpoints if ConsM flipped scum. I was right.

Open 482: Popcorn Mafia

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Open Jal Town First Gunbearer Started Suicided Day 1 11 days 0/1 Town Win
So, this was a cute little setup where a confirmed town started out with a gun, and could shoot anyone. If they shot a townie, they suicided and the target picked up the gun. If they shot a mafia, the mafia died and they remained alive. Sadly, I was the first gunbearer and attempted to kill RedPanda, so I ended up suiciding. RedPanda shot 2 scum, then Cherry Nog and ChannelDelibird took care of the rest in quick succession.

Mini 1425: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Mafia

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Mini Theme Empking Town Vanilla (Ori) Started Survived 36 days 2/6 Town Win
This game. Pirate Mollie and Gollum_ were both confirmed as town AND got a scum member (ThatOneWhoKnocks) autokilled on Day 3. ArcAngel was quicklynched Day 1. However, it took us until LYLO to catch CryoNudist on his terrible Informed Townie claim and win the game.

Newbie 1334: The Nexusing

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Newbie Nexus Town Vanilla Replaced Pinkieseb Killed Night 1 17 days 1/1 Town Win
Don't be fooled by my SWA this game; I had the scumteam effectively pegged by the end of Day 1. I just didn't get a chance to act on it. Johhog, the IC, was an extremely obvious scum and I kept trying to show everyone that, but they just laughed at me and let him push the lynch of an uncounterclaimed cop after I died. >.< leafsw0rd played well, had me good until I looked at interactions and saw a chainsaw defense very early in Day 1. Overall a nice game with a nice playerlist!

Newbie 1344: Cactus-Town Tragedy

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Newbie Ser Arthur Dayne Town Cop Replaced Nick_Carraway Day 1 Survived 21 days 2/2 Town Win
Originally had Soko Sonex as my scum lynch of choice, but then Honest Abel made a pretty bad push on me and some opportunistic wagon jumps and I caught it and got him lynched. I copped Nachomamma at Night and got a Scum result, giving us an easy town win.

Diffusion of Power (Open 478)

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Open N Town Night 5 Doctor Started Survived 47 days 3/5 Town Win
My reads were bad, but we were able to setup an auto-win situation late game due to the large amount of N5 PRs. So yay!

Newbie 1325 - Murder in the name of love

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Newbie jasont1981 Town Vanilla Replaced Lord Dragon Lord Day 2 Survived 41 days 1/3 Town Win
This game was really long and involved a JK/Doc setup that lasted a while; the only mafia going MIA made us start fighting among ourselves, and by the time poor Nacho replaced in, he was in an auto-lose situation.

Unsuccessful Town Games

Micro 108: Vengeful Mafeeeah (Role: Vengeful) (Fate: Vengekilled Day 1)

Open 471: Zombie Attack (Role: Vanilla) (Fate: Endgamed)

Micro 106-- SCIENCE! (Role: Vanilla) (Fate: Endgamed)

Micro 102: Mainstream Mini-Mafia (Role: Vanilla) (Fate: Endgamed)

Mini 1402: Low Budget Mafia (Role: Vanilla) (Fate: Lynched Day 4)

Mini 1411: Timeshift Mafia (Role: Role Cop) (Fate: Killed Night 3)

Micro 132: Banjo Kazooie Mafia (Role: Vanilla) (Fate: Killed Night 3)

Open 474: Friends and Enemies (Role: Vanilla) (Fate: Lynched Day 4)

Open 473: Jungle Republic (Role: Vanilla) (Fate: Endgamed)

Mini 1426 - Hell's Bottom (Role: Vanilla) (Fate: Endgamed)

Successful Scum Games

Micro 111: Great Expectations

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Micro Timeater Mafia General Started Survived 16 days N/A Mafia Win
Lots of strategy involved in this game. Town had 2 unique power roles: the Prince, who could revive two dead townies on Day 4, and the Loyalist, who could pick a target Night 1 and reveal their role Day 4. However, the most unique role of all was probably my own, the General. I got to pick my mafia partners (ProHawk and BBMolla were the lucky winners for that one), and I also got to pick 2 targets pregame, who I could dayvig on Day 4. I picked Mehdi2277 and SafetyDance, who I felt probably wouldn't get lynched, and luckily enough, Mehdi drew Prince. Safety was nearly quicklynched Day 1, but luckily it turned to redFF, who I thought was a REALLY easy to push mislynch. Next day saw another push of an easy mislynch in BBStar, while I safely parked my vote on ProHawk for towncred. Day 3, ProHawk was quicklynched, but it was okay because we already auto-won; Day 4, I dayvigged my two targets, which left two scum (myself and BBMolla) and two town (Majiffy and Jarvis) for the win. My first scum win ever onsite! :D

Newbie 1308: A Vanishing Act

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Newbie Tierce Mafia Goon Started Survived 70 days N/A Mafia Win
The first game I ever joined onsite! And damn, was it long. 3 month games FTW. Anyway, I white knighted Telo hard Day 1, which got me bunches and bunches of towncred, since most people thought it wouldn't make any sense for mafia to do that unless Telo was actually mafia. Night 1, poor Xisiqomelir got the short end of the stick when we shot him based on his predecessor's Doctor breadcrumb in his RVS post. Day 2 had me trying to push the Tracey mislynch really hard, and I then proceeded to pretend to consider Shmugen for scum. The mislynch that actually ended up going through was RayFrost though, which I was personally fine with. Kwll had replaced in by this point, and he did almost nothing to help. I missed SafetyDance :(. Anyway, shot Shmugen for the exact reason that it wouldn't make sense from an HD scum standpoint...and it worked. Hard-bussed kwll Day 3, as I really didn't need him. Ended up shooting DDD since I knew he would push my lynch in LYLO if I let him live. Ended up coming down to goodmorning, me, and Tracey. Crossvoted with GM, then by some virtue of god, Tracey hammered goodmorning. That made me happy. :D Overall, it was a fun game, although my play was pretty derpy FMPOV.

Mini 1407

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Mini Normal Cheery Dog Mafia Goon Replaced Breakfast Day 1 Lynched Day 1 2 days N/A Mafia Win
I replaced into a relatively scummy slot and got myself lynched near immediately on some stupid calls. Of course, I also dropped some fake associative tells along the way, so I guess that helped somewhat. havingfitz was the scum MVP this game, managing to push 3 mislynches alone for a win in 3p LYLO.

Unsuccessful Scum Games

Mini 1412: 0 Percent Flavor Mafia (Role: Encryptor) (Fate: Lynched Day 2)

Successful Third Party Games

Micro 123: Mainstream Mafia v2.0 (as Devilish Destroyers) (Role: Cult, initially Town Poisoner) (Fate: Survived)

Unsuccessful Third Party Games

None yet!


Shamelessly stealing some of the tables from Tierce's page ;)

Faction Count Win Loss Draw Win %
Town 22 12 10 0 54.5
Mafia 4 3 1 0 75
Other 1 1 0 0 100
Total 27 16 11 0 59.3
Fate Count Percentage
Lynched 4 14.8
Killed 5 18.5
Suicided 1 3.7
Survived 12 44.4
Endgamed 5 18.5
Abandoned 0 0
Alive 0 0
Type Count Percentage
Newbie 5 18.5
Open 6 22.2
Micro 9 33.3
Mini Normal 4 14.8
Mini Theme 3 11.1
Large Normal 0 0
Large Theme 0 0



0. Welcome to your life/There's no turning back

Viewed the achievements list.

1. This Game is Broken; It Says Role in My Title

Joined a game.

2. Forge Your Own Destiny

Won one game as Town.

3. The First Day of the Rest of your Life

Made it to LYLO as Town.

4. All You Must Do is Follow These Patterns (FOR THE REST OF YOUR GAMING LIFE)

As Town, was on the lynch of a Mafia member.

5. "Oh, by the way..."

Won one game as Mafia.

6. Thénardier

Seriously fakeclaimed a power role as scum.


Had my alignment changed mid-game.

8. "Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?"

Vigged someone.

9. Universal Backup

Replaced into 10 games.

12. "I'm kind of a big deal"

Started my own wiki page.

AF. Eternal Rivalry (with Nachomamma8)

Played in at least three games with a player where we didn't share the same alignment.

AG. All One Body We

Played in 5 games that had no replacements or modkills.

17. Slayer of Demons

Drove the lynch of a groupscum player as Town.

18. Trust Fall

As Town, won a game after participating in 3p LYLO.


As an informative role, claimed an (accurate) incriminating result on a scum player who was not allied with me.

21. "Somebody saved my life tonight"

As a protective role, successfully protected a player of my own faction.

22. Target Acquired

As a killing role, successfully killed a scum-aligned player.

23. Han Solo

Killed a scum player as a dayvig.

25. A Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet

As scum, bussed all of my scumpartners in a single game.

28. "The day you ALMOST lynched Jack Sparrow"

Lynched a member of an opposing faction after being put at L-1 in the same day.

31. Crystalline Logick

Successfully created and followed a breaking strategy as Town.

33. Untouchable

Went through an entire game without dying or garnering a vote after the first 100 posts.

37. Death on Contact

As a Town replacement, identified and caught at least 2 scum.

42. The Tribe Has Spoken

Got lynched Day 1.

45. Good Night

Got lynched with myself on the wagon as scum.

51. Cobalt's Law

Was on every lynching and L-1 wagon in a game.

DC. Friends in High Places

As Scum, won a game despite getting lynched.


10. The New Wave

Didn't join or start an avatar fad in any of my games.

11. Treasured Memory

Haven't been quoted in anyone's signature.

13. An Experienced Challenge

Haven't served as an IC in a Newbie Game.

14. Creator of Masks

Haven't nominated a successful title.

15. Dance, puppets!

Haven't successfully modded one game of Mafia.

16. Absolute Freedom

Not eligible to run a Large Theme game.

AA. "Back When Mafiascum Was Good..."

Haven't posted once a month for 60 months.

AB. The Show Must Go On

Haven't taken over a game completely as a backup mod.

AC. That's a Lot of Vote Counts

Haven't modded a game with more than 100 pages.

AD. Get Off My Lawn!

Haven't played a non-Newbie game where every player has a newer Join Date than me.

AE. They Grow Up So Fast

Haven't played in a game modded by a player I've modded or IC'ed.

20. Special Agent

Haven't obtained 3 Cop investigations in one game.

24. We are the Champions

Haven't won as Mafia without losing any members of my faction.

26. Sleeper Cell

Haven't won a game as Mafia without participating in any lynch wagons.

27. "How NOT to be seen"

Haven't survived a game as Mafia while maintaining the lowest post count of all living players.

29. Memetic Myth

Haven't witnessed 5 people referring to me, unprompted, by my play.

30. The "Kenny" Award (Progress: 2/5)

Haven't been killed 5 times at the earliest opportunity.

BA. Sitting Duck

Haven't lost all my scumpartners before Day 2/at once and survived 2 mislynches.

BB. Secret Weapon

Haven't replaced into a game with at least 2 mislynches and driven a scum lynch.

BC. Why Yes, I SHOULD Be Here

Haven't completed a game as an alt/hydra without posting from the wrong account.

BD. It Takes a Village

Haven't reviewed 10 games.

BE. The "Battle Mage" Award

At any point in my history, haven't been non-Town in three out of the last six games in which I was still alive on Day 3.

BF. Your--Touch--Magnetizing

Haven't had the same player play in 5 games I've run.

BG. Alliance of the Chosen Ones

Haven't won a game that multiple factions have won, nor won a game where my faction didn't win.

32. But the Future Refused to Change

Haven't created and followed a breaking strategy as Scum.

34. "Look! A Distraction!"

Haven't made a scumslip as Scum and survived for at least 2 more days.

35. There Can Be Only One

Haven't won a game as a Serial Killer.

36. Crack Shot

Haven't wiped out all/3 scum in one game using only investigations and killing abilities.

38. Magnificent Bastard

Haven't performed any successful gambits.

39. Notorious

Haven't won a title.

40. They like me; they REALLY like me!

Haven't been nominated for AND won an individual Scummy.

41. I'd like to thank my parents and mith

Haven't won a Scummy.

CA. Jigsaw

Haven't had an Open setup I designed run in the Open Queue.

CB. It's All About Me

Haven't lost all my scumpartners before Day 2/at once and survived till endgame.

43. Cornered

Haven't gotten lynched as Town in LYLO.

44. Flashing Neon Sign

Haven't scumslipped as scum.

46. "I believe you found my chainsaw"

Haven't been the recipient of an incriminating investigation as Scum.

47. Mayday! Mayday!

Haven't been nightkilled as a Serial Killer.

48. YOU LIE!

As an informative role, haven't claimed an inaccurate result on anyone for any reason.

49. Socialized Medicine

Haven't protected only Scum players as a Town protective role.

50. Pacifist

Haven't saved a Scum player from death using a Town protective role.

52. Less Chat, More Splat

Haven't hammered 2 Town players as Town in the same game.

53. Too Clever by Half

Haven't gotten lynched following a gambit.

54. The Burning Bakery

Haven't failed a breadcrumb.

55. With Arms Wide Open

Haven't faked a post restriction for 2 game Days in a row.

DA. Why Me?

Haven't been the last scum alive in a game where I didn't kill anyone.

DB. What Did I Do?

Haven't died before making a post.

DD. Everyone Dies

Haven't won as SK despite being dead at the end of the game.

DE. Revenge of the Vig

Haven't lost a game during the Night due to kill choices.

DF. Spartacus

Haven't counterclaimed an already counterclaimed role.

DG. Snowball in Hell

Haven't gotten counterclaimed by multiple people in the same game.

DH. Unsolicited Advisor

Haven't participated in postgame commentary of a game I wasn't in.

DI. Deus Ex Moderator

Haven't been spared from an inevitable lynch by mod action, a Governor, or a No Lynch deadline.

DJ. Outscummed

Haven't failed to win as scum despite comprising 50% of the remaining players.