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Hello to the reader,

This is my wiki page. On this page, I will list all the games I've played on the website. If you see a game listed under a specfic role, it means I have died in the game. All games under ongoing, you'll have to guess my role until I die  :)


Open 358: Mayo Clinic - Currently Confirmations

Open 357:Scumhunter's Speed 8p - Currently Confirmations

Open 354: Twin Trap in Morecambe - Currently D1

Open 353: The House on Meadowlark Drive - Currently D1

Atermis Fowl Large Theme Game - Currently D2

Upick Adjective Large Theme Game - Currently D5

Mini 1230: Xylbot is normal I Swear - Currently D2

As town

Newbie 1144 - Killed N1(VT) - Scum win

Newbie 1147 - Killed N2 (VT) (replaced in D2)- Scum win

Newbie 1153- Killed in Endgmae (VT) - Scum Win

Newbie 1162 - Lynched D2 (VT)- Scum Win

Record - 0/4

As scum

Mini 1243 Magician Mafia (Slyvia Brown - Mafia Goon)- Lynched D2 - Town Win

Record - 0/1

Overall Record 0/5


  • Hi, I added a graffiti category since you don't have one yet. You are my favorite mod on Mafiascum! Keep being awesome! <3 - Uber