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About Me

I found MafiaScum after seeing the site linked at MTGSalvation. My first attempts to join were stifled by the Great Crash of 2006, so I eventually joined a Newbie game there and then came over here.

Gaming Record

Overall Record
Completed Games 18
Town/Mafia/Other 10/8/0
Wins/Losses/Draws 7/11/0
Survive/Lynch/Nightkill/Endgame 4/9*/3/3*
Town wins 3
Scum wins 4
Other wins N/A
Number of games replaced into 5
Number of games replaced in 0
Newbie Games IC'd 3
  • Replaced back into Newbie 529 after lynched Day 1 and was then killed in edngame
Game Moderator Role Death Result
Newbie 11 - Talent Show Mafia (MTGS) arimnaes Townie Killed at Endgame Scum Win
First game. Mod named me Town MVP for avoiding suspicion in a game where no one did very good analysis.
Newbie 309 - Fuwochichi vs The Sandwich Army Save The Dragons Scum Lynched Day 3 Town Win
Cop outed himself after misreading flavor in his PM. Convinced my partner we could WIFOM the town by letting the claimed cop live. WRONG!
Newbie 310 MeMe Scum (replaced Azkar Day 1) Lynched Day 3 Town Win
Mastermind of Sin replaced my partner Night 1. He proposed me claiming cop. Was an absolute blast to do so.
Mini 425 - Generic Western Mafia Sefer Townie Nightkilled Night 3 Scum win
A good learning experience. The town let Thesp get away with bloody murder here. With this game I begin to realize how stubborn I get holding onto earlier conceived notions of who is/isn't scum.
Open 25 - Jester Mafia Romanus Townie Lynched Day 3 Jester Wins, Scum second
I showed that a claimed scum/jester would have to be NK'd for the scum to win as long as we agreed to lynch the person if they lived through the night. It wasn't clear to me that if the Jester was lynched, the game would continue for second place. Luckily, the person was scum so we got them after a No-Lynch Day 1. I got frustrated Day 3 when people thought I was scum so I hammered myself.
Mini 486 Albert B. Rampage Townie Lynched Day 3 Town Win
A mason-dayvig popped scum Day 1. I agreed with the lynch of scum day 2, but didn't vote them because I was stubborn on whom I thought the third scum was. I was way off and got lynched partly because I was seen as distancing from the second scum and wasn't able to get online after I promised a more thorough defense.
Mini 433 - Dry, bland, generic mafia Thestatusquo Townie Lynched Day 3 Scum win
This was a tough game, partly because one player melted down early on and partly because there were a total of 11 replacements (two roles went 3 people deep, one 2 deep). I was way off on who I thought the scum were. Should've invested more time re-reading the whole thing instead of individuals.
Newbie 435 - Lord Voldemort Approaches PookyTheMagicalBear Scum Survived Scum Win
My first game as an IC. Panzerjager suggested I was scum because he was the other IC and wasn't. When he didn't back down after being debunked, I stayed on him all of Day 1. Day 2 the town wasn't as active as it should have been and bought my (reasonable, imho :P) case against Ckillor.
Newbie 469 MeMe Townie Killed Night 2 Town Win
Despite a page one lynch (fastest on record, iirc), the town pulled this one out. The doc covered me Night One and the cop found scum Night Two.
Newbie 462 mith Scum (Replaced AckAckAck, who replaced gameshark1313) Survived Scum Win
Several replacements in this one. I had read up to page 6 when I got my role PM and was pleasantly surprised I had pegged my partner as scum.
Mini 502:Basically Communist Mafia Simenon Scum (Replaced SilverPhoenix) Killed Night 3 Town Win
Interesting mechanic- everyone had to vote on Investigation and Protection targets for the cop and doc in addition to lynches. I've waited too long since this game to update my wiki, but iirc I almost got lynched for crap reasons day 3 and the SK got me Night 3
Newbie 496 MeMe Scum Lynched Day 2 Town win
Third IC game. Stupid cop :P Not much to say other than we got beat.
Mini 527 - Doom in Valencia Jenter Brolincani Townie Lynched Day 4 Scum win
This game suffered a sever lack of player and mod participation that almost led to it being abandoned Day 1, loads of replacements, and dragged it one for ages. Scum got lynched Day 1 and 2. I had a strong gut feeling that Javert was scum (like the feeling I had about pj in 433) but couldn't prove it and the town lynched me instead. Ah, well.
Newbie 529 Vaughn Townie / Cop (replaced Greggo Night 2) Lynched Day 1 / Killed in Endgame Scum Win
The orignal game was abandoned/restarted due to the mod accidentally posting a role PM somewhere or something. This gave us the unusual circumstance of playing with the same people, until replacements happened. I forget why I got lynched Day 1, but it was total crap, I'm sure :P I replaced back in as the cop Night 2 (something I don't like- dead players replacing back into a game- but felt needed to be done to get the newbs a game in the books). A rash move by a townie in LYLO let the scum hammer and win.
Mini 534 - Veggie Mafia aimee (completed by Patrick) Scum (replaced Northjayhawk) Lynched Day 4 Scum win
Every lynch, except the last, was a self-hammer! Crub played well all game, but we were definitely helped by the two townies melting down and hammering themselves.
Mini 573 - Darkstalkers Mafia Dead Rikimaru Townie (Felicia/JOAT) Survived Town win
Town made all the right moves and got really lucky. There's too much to go over here. Awesome game!
Mini 568 - Nubigena destructor Scum (Mafia Doc) Survived Scum win
An interesting setup. We got lucky bagging the vig Night 0. I wasn't in communication or known to the two goons Night 0. I managed to weasel out of a quick hammer Day 2 with an uncountered Doc claim Day 3.
Mini 540 - Nightmare mikeburnfire Townie (Brainy Inventor) Killed in Endgame Scum win
Tough game- a real nightmare! I had no idea that my powers could be giving or preventing insanity in the players. Somewhat frustrating after the fact. Replacements made this game a challenge (hard to get the right reads on people).

Ongoing Games

  • Newbie 601

Format stolen from aimee's page, which was pimped by somestrangeflea after aimee stole it from erg0 and before aimee stopped using it.