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Bringer of Fire page.

Also known as Sheriff Jailor, and the True MVP

Completed Games:




Off-Site Games (SC2Mafia)

[SC2Mafia Games]

About Me.

I am a staff member for Sc2mafia so come on by to drop in and say hi and play some games with us there!

We have a small but dedicated forum mafia group. We could always use a few more players!

Hydra Accounts:

FireKari [Yukari]

Hellbringer [Helz]

The Fire Hermit [St Constantine Hermit]

White Fire [Shiro]

Fostering Rave Bird [Davsto]

My Other Head Is Scum [Vedith]

Painbringer [Titus]

Igneel [Randomidget]

Mas Y Menos [McMenno]

Aiden Stark [Xkfycd]

Hellhound [Antihero]

Independent Synergy [Lickety Quickety

Dragon Knight [Diamond Sentinel

Grovyle [Hebichan]

A Song of Ice and Fire [Frozen Angel]

Stats: [For Mafia Scum Games Completed]

Wins: 57

Losses: 65

Games Played: 122

In Progress: 9

W/L 47%

Eliminate :42

Eliminated Percent: 34%

Night Killed 30

NK Percent: 25%

Town Wins 54

Mafia Wins 62

Average Length of Games: 41 Days