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Prefer to be an Investigator. J Investigative opt16.gif

Hello, I am Feysal, and this is my wiki page. I set this up to keep track of the games I've played, and to provide material for anyone wishing to use meta on me. I joined in October 2010, but I had begun my Mafia career already in May on Diablo: IncGamers Forums. My experience on that site enabled me to start directly from Large Theme Games. Now I continue to play on both sites.

Basic facts

Town win ratio ( 6/4/0
Scum win ratio ( 1/1/1
Third party win ratio ( 0/0/0
Town win ratio ( 0/5/1
Scum win ratio ( 0/4/0
Third party win ratio ( 1/0/0

Feysal has a Mafiascum Karma of +4.
Feysal has never been replaced.

Mafia games played

Diablo: IncGamers Forums

Game Moderator Players Role Fate Comments
Vanilla (Ice) Mafia ThunderCat 16 Barkeep Killed N5,
Town loss
My first game, and I achieved instant power player status, but sadly not a victory. After four consecutive mislynches I played my greatest move ever, exposing one scum and blackmailing him to lynch a rival scum. I had a 50% chance of blocking his kill, believing I could turn the game around, but it did not work out.
All My Circuits Mafia Marahumm 18 Hermes Conrad, vanilla townie Killed N0,
Town loss
It was sort of flattering to be night killed immediately in only my second game. My main achievement here was breaking the "practically unbreakable" cipher used as a post restriction, and sharing it with the other dead. The mafia was wiped out, but by then the town was overrun by a cult.
Welcome to Copper Canyon, Wild West Mafia FalconGK (AKA LynchMePls) 18 Townfolk Survived,
Town loss
This was a fun and intense game. The town played very well, I personally gunned down one outlaw and another was exposed trying to gun down me. In the end we correctly identified the serial killer, and we'd have won, if the serial killer had not had a special win condition that did not require all townies dead.
Don S. Davis Memorial Stargate Mafia ThunderCat & Gorny 19 Charles Kawalsky, cop Culted N4,
Killed D5,
Town win
I was the luckiest cop ever in this game. Only two of my investigations succeeded, but I caught scum with them both, and one of the failed three was scum too. I was culted to my dismay, and I was pleased to be killed by an anti-cult trap. The cult was wiped out, but I count this as a win since I played as town for most of my time alive.
Schoolyard Mafia Bad Ash 13 Vanilla townie Survived,
Town win
This was one strange game. It started normal enough, but eventually it turned out we had no less than six bus drivers, in a game of thirteen players. The mafia never managed to kill the player they tried to kill, and in the end the town broke the game. No one was very happy, and we changed rules later.
Halloween Saw-themed Mafia ThunderCat 19 Daniel Rigg, cop Survived,
Town win
I really lucked out this game, when I was spoken to by a barkeep, which I had once been myself. It turned out that I was paranoid, but the fact that the barkeep and I shared our roles saved us both. I was nearly lynched anyway, and in fact had enough votes to lock my lynch, but since this was due to mod error I was spared.
Press Your Luck Gameshow Mafia Gorny 22 Heath Ledger the "why so serious" Joker, hitman Survived,
The game ended with a draw due partly to forum instability, partly to time issues of the mod. Lucky for the mafia, because we were in bad shape by that time, due to one of the most hideously overpowered towns I have ever seen. The town had no less than four roles immune to night kills, all of them with additional powers. QT
Warcraft-themed Pen-n-Paper RPG Style Mafia Your Average WoW Player 14 Vol'jin, spymaster Survived,
Town win
This game suffered from serious modding issues, partly due to being played over the holidays. There were some interesting mechanics, but they did not really work out, and game balance was skewed in town favor. The win was also controversial due to being awarded for the lynch of the cult leader, with other cult members still alive.
Super Troopers Mafia Goryani 11 Jeff Foster, mason Killed N0,
Town loss
For once, I'm glad I was killed before the game had truly begun, before I had spoken to my mason partner even, since the town played very badly and being dead I take no blame for it. The town lurked more than the mafia did, except the godfather, who was modkilled for inactivity. That was also the only mafia death in the game.
The Fight for Hellsmouth Mafia Leopold Stotch 17 Thaddeus T Noble, cop Lynched D4,
Town win
I dare anyone to say they have been mislynched for a dumber reason. I was counterclaimed, nothing special about that, however I was counterclaimed by another town player who had gotten drunk and imagined he was me. As if to add insult to injury, I was lynched over confessed mafia. A stupider town I have never been part of.
Zombie Invasion Mafia ThunderCat 22 Marvin Duke, hitman Lynched D6,
Mafia loss
Yet another overpowered town. What else can you say when after five town night kills, two town lynches, four town modkills, and not a single mafia death, the mafia finds itself in a no-win situation? The town scouts confirmed everyone but us, but of course they invited in a cult recruiter who destroyed the town from within. QT
Ravenwood Retreat Mafia Uraj 19 City Slicker, vanilla townie Died D1,
Town win
I was poisoned on night zero and died at the end of the first day. I guessed my fate when I received a post restriction about losing my voice, little good though it did me. I stopped following the game since I was busy in games I was still alive in, and I had little hope after seeing the town lynch their cop. I'm amazed the town won.
Half Life Mafia Zarniwoop 19 Combine Advisor, godfather Survived,
Mafia win
My first win as mafia, but not a game I would remember with pride. In a contest of which side played worse the town proved the victor by trying and failing to lynch an unlynchable player three times. The player in question turned out to have an anti-town win condition, and against all odds we won the game together. QT

Game Moderator Players Role Fate Comments
The Return to Liten SaintKerrigan 18 Haburikrag ae Kalmoku Magriki, Arkon infiltrator Lynched D2,
Mafia loss
The mafia had a horrible start in this game. We lost our doctor on the first day, and I was caught by a tracker the next day after poor day one play. The vigilante kept killing off townies which helped keep the remaining team members in play, until the last mafia was lynched in endgame with only two townies left. QT
Stars Aligned III Percy & Vi 28 Cultist Killed N9,
Cult loss
No description I could fit in this small space could do this game justice. It was the largest game in site history, and epic on other levels besides scale. The cult dominated the first half of the game, but though we lost in the end when luck and night actions turned against us, there was no shame in our defeat. QT
SSK's Random Mafia XL MafiaSSK & zwetschenwasser 20 Guilty miller Survived,
I joined this game for the chance to get a random role from the Best Role Ideas thread, but instead I got to be a guilty miller. It was not so bad once the naive cop was killed, but the random roles made the game quite unbalanced. The game was abandoned when the original moderator and several players flaked.
Consulmaker II: the Pyrrhic War Cogito Ergo Sum & Flameaxe 19 Roman senator Killed N5,
Town loss
Replaced in D1. This was not a game I would remember fondly. The town was doomed when a replacement player for the scum team achieved obvtown status, while the town was stuck with two fools who simply refused to acknowledge they could be wrong. I was satisfied that I made it as Consul, though I was killed the same night.
Mafia Holographica Vi 12 Town Endgamed,
Town loss
This game was pure chaos. With 24 hour deadlines it was the most hectic I've seen, and when the town started shooting at each other the mafia could lurk their way to victory. I do not take blame for the loss though, as I was the only townie who correctly identified the entire mafia team, but I could not bring about their end alone.
In the Court of the Gods zoraster 18 Corrupt priest Killed N2,
Mafia loss
My play in this game was simply bad. After stumbling repeatedly on day one I had to spend significant effort to avoid being lynched, and I continued to struggle until I was killed by a vigilante. We lost, but watching my partner was amazing. I will never know how he convinced two town players to lie for him. QT
Cold War Mafia CallMeLiam & Sotty7 24 Erich Honecker, Soviet neighbour Lynched D4,
Town loss
Replaced in D1. After an enthusiastic start this became one of my worst games. My play suffered from being in too many and too large games at once, and I never got myself back in the game as I should have even when this was the only one left. Surprisingly I was not lynched for my play, but over an inconsistency in role PMs. QT
A Storm of Swords Seacore & Faraday 25 Petyr Baelish "Littlefinger", voyeur Lynched D2,
Town loss
This loss was probably unavoidable when one mafia player killed his partner on day one and faked a post restriction that enabled him to coast through the entire game. No one ever seriously challenged his confirmation. My own death was the result of both scum teams pushing for my lynch, for very poor reasons I might add.
A Gentleman's Game Wraith 13 Cunning villain Lynched D5,
Mafia loss
Despite the loss, I feel this was one of my better games as mafia. I identified the serial killer correctly, but failed to gain more than one mislynch from that success. My partner was replaced twice over the course of the game, and eventually ended up getting caught and lynched, leaving me to be singled out in MYLO. QT
There Goes the Neighborhood LynchMePls 13 George Hallas, beloved mayor Endgamed,
Town loss
Replaced in N2. Never trust your neighbor. Having someone to talk to during the night may be nice, but it is also easier to deceive only one pair of eyes. I had never before seen what happens when there are two competing wagons on mafia, and in this game the result was a false clear and town loss. QT 1 QT 2
Wizards at the Sorcerers' Den Snow_Bunny 24 Glabrezu, serial killer Survived,
Shared win
The town played horribly, losing half of their members by the second day, mostly due to infighting. Their victory was only saved when the third parties cooperated with the town to bring about a shared victory. I count this as an example of my town play at its best, having tried to kill only mafia from the start. Notes QT Wish QT
My Little Pony Mafia hitogoroshi & Faraday 13 Alive Ongoing Replaced in D2. No comments while game remains in progress.
Strategy Mafia zoraster 20 Alive Ongoing No comments while game remains in progress.

Mafia games modded

Diablo: IncGamers Forums

Game Co-moderator Players Notes Outcome Comments
Battle of Waterloo None 13 Roles and actions French win My first modding experience. I divided the French into two groups that shared the same win condition but had no knowledge of who the others were. I liked the mechanic, but it turned out I'd made the French overpowered, since I did not have enough players for town. Nevertheless, this became one of the closest games I've seen.
Something Completely Different None 12 Roles and actions Mafia win Monty Python -themed mafia. I loved the flavor I wrote for this game, like I did for my first one, I even composed a semi-original sketch for one of the lynch scenes. The mafia pretty much dominated the game, managing to kill all the power roles at the right time. Again I was sorry that my one original role died too soon.

None, yet...


The dawn has come, the game begun
another day of duty calls
for at the school the bell has rung
inviting all within its halls.

The students one by one arrive
in dread of daily recess war
but twelve are left whole and alive
while one may sleep forevermore.

Together they will stand and fight
or fall to everything they fear
decide they must how best they might
and keep their lives they hold so dear.

Now struck by madness, this one sought
to waste his time to rhyme and ramble
and see where lack of rational thought
would lead this poorly reasoned gamble.

But why would one play such a ruse
and hide behind the verse and garble
if not Feysal, the King of Fools
has lost his every single marble?

- My first post in my fifth mafia game, Schoolyard Mafia. I love funny post restrictions.

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