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Eteocles 6876.png
6876.png This user plays Mafia. (Talk)


Intro coming later

KaleiÐoscøpe: I <3 Eteocles

Games Played


Newbie 339 - Mafia Goon with TheStatusQuo - Loss

  • A mess with a self-protecting doc, otherwise we thought we had it in the bag.

Mini Themed

Dungeon Adventure Mafia (aka --the quest for kelly chen's gold) (440)- Mafia Goon with pete d (godfather) and ameliaslay - Win

  • Interesting game with two scum groups and a cult that could recruit mafia

Games Playing

Mini Normal

Mafia 453

Mini Themed

Communique Mafia (434)
Julius Caesar Mafia (435)

Large Themed

Stargate SG-1 Mafia


Wins/Losses/Other = 1/1/0
Town/Mafia/Other= 0/2/0

Other Games

Survivor: BBQ Island - Fourth Place

  • blah