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  • Ep
Role type:
  • Boohbah
  • Sophies

Humbah is the yellow Boohbah.


Humbah can easily listen to what the "children" want the Boohbahs to do, and is able to master many warm-up and end dances with ease. However, "its" skills are not perfect, and "it" can fall over exactly when some dances want the Boohbahs to do so.


  • Emma Insley (costume)
  • Tim Vine (sound designer)

Nine Fun Facts

1. Errantparabola looks better, cleaner, and more fashionable than ErrantParabola. That's just a fact (a fun one, at that).

2. Errantparabola's current, case-insensitive, list of shortenings other scummers have used:

  • parabola, eggplant (8)
  • errantp (7)
  • errant, apples, eeples (6)
  • ebola (5)
  • erra, eeps, epar (4)
  • eps, epb, enp, err (3)
  • ep (2) <-- Errantparabola recommends use of this very character-efficient abbreviation.
  • j (1) <-- In an unprecedented and daring move, schadd notoriously used an even more efficient abbreviation.

3. Errantparabola resents the word "zeitgeist" and longs for the good old days of "edge case".

4. Errantparabola's favorite animal is the Aleutian tern.

5. Errantparabola communicates through a series of clicks, grunts, and fluent English (mostly the last one).

6. Errantparabola came in 6th place in the 2017 SUPP and participated in the 2018 SUPP.

7. Errantparabola was born in Austin, Texas (Texas Austin is Errantparabola's mother's name (just kidding!)).

8. Errantparabola's first game on site was Newbie 1588: To the Ends of the Earth, modded by fferyllt. Errantparabola's last game on site will be Newbie 3201: Cryptocurrencies, also modded by fferyllt. Errantparabola will get into a heated argument with a particularly plucky newbie and will siteflake in a fit of rage.

9. Errantparabola worries about you sometimes and hopes that you are eating and sleeping enough.