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eldarad joined mafiascum as a way of practicing mafia with people who didn't know him before playing a game at utopiatemple with people who did. When not playing mafia, eldarad has a very exciting life that revolves around balance sheets, profit & loss accounts and bossing audit juniors around. Eldarad never refers to himself in the third person, except on wiki pages.

In addition to playing newbie and mini theme games on mafiascum, I also play the heavily flavoured games on Utopiatemple.


Newbie Games

  • Newbie 427 - my first game of mafia. I won by counterclaiming the real cop, to the disgust of Gatorguy.
  • Newbie 482 - got lynched in lylo by the other townie.
  • Newbie 532 - my first Pie E7 game. Town lynched the mafia RB, then doc successfully saved night 1. Day 2 the mafia didn't have a chance. Easy win, and didn't really sell the new setup to me.
  • Newbie 517 - I replaced into this newbie game on Day 1. Promptly killed by the scum who won convincingly.
  • Newbie 550 - playing as an IC since I met the requirements to do so. Killed night 1 (yay!). The scum won fairly easily in the end, but there were some very promising newbies in this game that I hope to see around again.
  • Newbie 579 - using the shiny and new F11 setup. We kinda got backed into a corner, resulting in a town win.
  • Newbie 618 - replaced in at the start of Night 1. I'm not impressed with my performance, we got owned by the scum.
  • Newbie 662 - pretty impressive scum win after the town lynched a goon Day 1.
  • Newbie 722 - I played in what everyone thought was an overwhelmingly town-like fashion. So it was quite lucky that I was a townie...
  • Newbie 808 - another newbie game, this time as a lone-IC.

Mini Theme Games

  • Mini 494: Farscape - this game taught me more about mafia than the newbie games, particuarly what NOT to do in lylo... Town lynched scum day 1 and then imploded. On the plus side, I got to know the dynamic duo of Ether and Patrick.
  • Mini 544: Keyboard - mod abandoned. Pretty cool flavour, I would have liked to see this game to its conclusion. Not least because I thought we were going to win...
  • Mini 548: Overeager Medical Student - the mafia ran rings around the town, I was NK'ed by the scum night 2. This game had 2 week deadlines for days, and you had to post every 48 hours. I don't think this enforced activity really helped the game.
  • Mini 535: Pick Your Poison 2 - replaced into this game and had to catch up on 39 pages. Lynched Day 4 as the last scum for a town win.
  • Mini 572: Packrats - Even when Ether explained the setup to me, I didn't understand it. Good, clean fun and the daytalking was interesting. Again, I'm not a fan of enforced activity.
  • Mini 632: OOTS Mafia - my second OOTS themed mafia! I amazed myself with my read of the game, despite being lynched Day 2.
  • Mini 667: Random C9 - replaced in, got lynched Day 1. I enjoyed the game while it lasted.
  • Mini 692: Boost Mafia - I signed up for Boost mafia in October 2008. Six months later, the last scum was lynched in lylo.

Mini Normal & Open Games

  • Open 65: Mini Love - Town won...eventually. I'm pretty pleased with my play, especially on Day 1.
  • Mini 594: Satin Doll Showdown - rather flavourful "normal" game. A very impressive player list, and a lot great play. The result was pretty good too.
  • Mini 667: Random C9 - replaced into the game and felt that I was a dead man walking, so I just kicked up enough of a fuss to hopefully give the town something to work with. Not sure how effective I was.
  • Mini 835: - I suck as a SK. Although in this game I sucked slightly less than usual.
  • Mini 1015: - fun game, though there was way too much fakeclaiming from townies. Ugh.

Marathon Day 2008

  • Contagion in the Palace - a bit of a cheap win for me really. I was the assassin and just lurked the whole game. Amazingly no-one really noticed until there were only four other players still alive, and I used by vengeful kill to assassinate King Thok
  • Vigcoptor - the first Team Asshat game of Marathon Day. I don't remember what the hell happened, but the town won. Yay for us!
  • Spare Change - another weird setup from JDodge, and man, I thought I had this nailed for 3 wins out of 3. But my scumbuddy chose to kill himself night 2, and since we couldn't nighttalk, that confused me somewhat. This game finished at 4am, so there was just enough time to have a short nap before the plumbers arrived at 7.30...

Having bought some bottled water so I could make coffee, I got back in time to sign up for:

  • Kingmaker in the Palace - an awesome game modded by mith, run on the Saturday morning of Marathon Day.
  • The Odds - a game where all players had their odds of being scum revealed in the first post of the thread. I was lynched Day 1, obv.

Moderated Games


I discovered mafia on UT originally, although I timed it really badly as there were no games due to start for another month. In the meantime, I joined up at Mafiascum. I had already played a fair amount of Newbie 427 before I got to play at UT. Games at UT are heavily flavoured and are played very differently to games at MS. They are included on this page just in case anyone (including me) feels like going back and reading them.

Mini Mafias

Large Mafias