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Nickname comes from "Beefy" a name I came up when I was about 5. It morphed into "Beefster," which I've been using on the internet since I was 11.


Modded Games

This includes every game I have moderated. (including finished games)

Game Type Setup Status Replacements Needed Notes
(Link) Mini Open Pick Your Poison Day 2 1 Setting: Luxury Cruise


I will not, under any circumstances, allow these players in my games:

  • drmyshottyizsik cheating on IRC via impersonation of other users and terrible play which usually leads to policy lynching. He's overall not fun to play with.

Game List


These are the games I'm currently playing in.

Game Type Mod In Status
Newbie 1024: Minimalist Mafia Newbie (IC) RedCoyote from start Day 1
Reckamonic's OoT Mafia Large Theme Reckamonic Replaced Kairyuu Day 1, page 70 Day 2


These are the games I'm no longer playing in but are still ongoing. If a role is listed, it was officially flipped

Game Type Mod Role In Out Status
Open 258: Night Watch Mini Open smashbro_of_the_SSS Vanilla Townie from start nightkilled Night 0 Night 2


These are the totally finished games. Sorted roughly in ascending order of completion.

Game Type Mod Role In Out Result Comments
Newbie 933 Newbie DarkLightA Mafia Goon from start modkilled and lynched Day 1 Town Win This was my first game. I shot myself in the foot one too many times and got frustrated, so I gave up and claimed scum. Everyone proceeded to lynch me and got to lynch before the mod had a chance to modkill me, thus the 2 happened simultaneously.

My partner was boberz

Newbie 941 Newbie Sarag Mafia Goon from start survived to endgame Scum Win I did much better this time. I played a straight game with Oman and learned the power of pressure voting.
Newbie 956 Newbie (SE) Vel-Rahn Koon Vanilla Townie replaced Radical Hijinx on day 2, page 7 survived to endgame Scum Win I told Howard not to vote! We almost got out of LYLO, too.
Newbie 954: The Harsh Light of Sudo Newbie (SE) Sudo_Nym Mafia Roleblocker from start lynched Day 2 Town Win No time to claim. I got a little too aggressive with pressure voting and was not really compatible with the town. I managed to mislead the town pretty well on Day 1, though. My partner, Kagelord managed to get to LYLO after that.
(Link) Mini Semi-Open Scott Brosius Mafia Goon from start lynched Day 1 Town Win Well I picked the right role to fakeclaim. Too bad nobody believed me anyway. That would've rocked. I thought I set things up for an XScorpion lynch. Apparently that didn't turn out. I guess the doctor saved on N1. d3x might have won otherwise.

My scumbuddy was d3x

Open 218: Two-Fold C9 Mini Semi-Open Korejora Vanilla Townie from start lynched Day 1 Mafia Win Eh. I really sucked in this one. It was almost abandoned.
Newbie 980 Newbie (SE) CSL Vanilla Townie from start lynched Day 4 Scum Win Well I made it to LYLO, but I was morbidly surprised that Earlder/Nikanor was town. I really don't think I could have talked out of death to Nexus (nor did he leave me time). He was pretty well (incorrectly) convinced that I was scum.
Open 236: Pamplona Mafia (C9++) Mini Semi-Open Nobody Special Vanilla Townie from start lynched Day 1 Scum Win
(Link) Large Semi-Open Papa Zito Vanilla Townie from start lynched Day 3 Scum Win It ended. Eventually.
Mini 1065: Carnie Mafia Mini Normal podium123456 Mafia Goon from start lynched Day 2 Town Win Smitster and I got OWNED by Riceballtail, the watcher.
Newbie 1007 Newbie (IC) Haylen Cop from start lynched Day 1 Scum Win I suck at being a cop.

Replaced Out

These are games I replaced out of for whatever reason. I don't count them toward my stats.

Game Type Mod In Out Reason
Newbie 965 Newbie Jeffcole1 replaced dRool89 on day 1, page 8 replaced by Thor665 on day 2, page 14 Total V/LA for a church-related camp.
Mafia on Holy Orders Large Theme Vi from start replaced by Me=Weird on day 1, page ? Battery-powered deadlines are a bit overwhelming when you only have 4 hours a day at home.


Win/Loss Record

Wins Losses Ties Abandons
As Scum 1 4 0 0
As Town 0 6 0 0
Third Party 0 0 0 0
Total 1 10 0 0

Only counts completed games I didn't replace out of.


Flips Lynched Nightkilled Survived Wins Losses
Vanilla Townie 6 4 1 1 0 5
Cop 1 1 0 0 0 1
Mafia Goon 4 3 0 1 1 3
Mafia Roleblocker 1 1 0 0 0 1

Counts ongoing games, but not completed games I replaced out of.


My current karma is +1:

  • +2 for replacing in 2 games
  • +2 for being an IC in 2 games
  • -2 for replacing out of 2 games
  • -1 for getting modkilled once