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User:Andycyca/Standard modding rules

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The following rules apply to all (non-mafia) games I mod, unless noted otherwise in the respective game thread.

  1. I'm the mod, so my decision is final
    1. I'm human, so I'm not perfect. If I make a mistake, let me know gently via PM or AIM
  2. If you want to tell me something in the thread, do so by putting you message in bold Otherwise I might skip it (see 1.1)
  3. I reserve for my personal use Bold darkred font
  4. Deadlines are negotiable, but only if the discussion needs it.
    1. Deadline changes are one-way only. I will never change a deadline backwards.
  5. Roughly 48 hours before the deadline (if there's any) I'll prod inactive people. If they don't respond, I'll ignore them for the round.
    1. Severe inactive players will get either (mod)killed or replaced, according to the game.
  6. I don't like flamers, trolls and personal attacks and violence in general. If I sense high, personal, non-comical tempers I'll (mod)kill you.
  7. Treat the game and your fellow players as a commitment.
  8. If you anticipate being away for longer than 3 days, please leave a message saying so.
  9. My family and other activities take some of my weekend time. In most of the cases I count weekends as 1 or 0 days.
    1. Given the case that I have limited access to internet, the game will either enter in pause. If I have a backup mod, he/she will have the same authority, powers and responsibilities than me.
  10. Once you're dead, stop posting. I don't like "Bah" posts that much, but I accept them if they don't have anything relevant to the game
    1. Violation of this rule gives you negative points in my "Good players" list
  11. Comments and suggestions at the end of the game are encouraged and welcome
  12. I can change the rules for good games sake.