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User:Andycyca/Games played

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This table shows only completed games. Current games are in my main userpage. Sorted in descending ending date.

Title & URL Mod Setting My Role Result
Newbie 436
Kerplunk C9 Townie Mafia Wins
Newbie 490
Mr. Flay C9 Scum Mafia wins
Open 43 xyzzy C9 +2 Doc Town wins
Open 54 Ether * Basic 12 player?
  • 3 mafia
  • 1 Doc
  • 1 Cop
  • 7 Townies
Goon Mafia wins
Mafia 71
  • Theopor_COD
  • Skruffs
  • 4 mafia (prostitute, poisoner, Godfather, goon)
  • 1 arsonist SK
  • 2 docs
  • 1 cop
  • 1 Mason recruiter
  • 1 town vig
  • 1 town fireman
  • 8 vanilla townies
Vanilla townie Arsonist wins
Worse Idea Mafia Guardian
  • 3 Mafia
  • 15 Townies
Townie Mafia wins
Newbie 565 Max Pie E7 Townie Mafia wins
Mini 528 Nervous Mafia Jdodge Nightless 6:3:3? The Clarion (Mafia) The Returners (mafia) win
The war to end all freaktowns rajrhcpfreak Raj explains it hereon Mafia goon (sorta) Kinetic (and Co?) win
Elemental Mafia Battle Mage, dahill1 Not yet sure Tracker (Town) Town wins
Who knows? The Almighty 2 mafia Yet Unconfirmed I win. I just lost THE GAME