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LYNCH ALL MODS! Andycyca||me||What? 02:52, 31 October 2011 (EDT)

Basic Info

A.K.A. Andy, he's been MS since 31 Jul 2007. Just a random guy. Leader of the Lynch All Mods Philosophy movement.

Current avatar

Andycyca was born before the release of Final Fantasy I in Japan but after the Queen Street Massacre in Australia in the country with the most native spanish speakers in the world. He speaks intermediate english according to Cambridge/ESOL examinations (FCE C grade) and is currently learning his second germanic language: German.

Apart from mafia, Andycyca likes photography and writing (even when he's a bad photographer and writer), hearing music, singing (he's a baritone) playing piano and guitar, origami (specially modular origami), music, RPG's (Vampire and D&D) and ocasionally MMORPGs, videogames, math fun and jokes, movies, gaming webcomics, quoting, music, sciences

He ran the GTKAS for a few years. Occasionally he'll log into Scumchat to say nothing at all. Save this [link]

Forum Status

Game Type Requirements Fufilled?
Open One game completed Yes
Three months on site Yes
Mini Normal One game completed Yes
Three months on site Yes
Mini Theme One modded game Yes
Large Normal One modded game Yes
Large Theme Two modded games No
Newbie Game Two modded games No

~623 game posts as of Jun/10/08

Games Played

  1. Newbie 436 First mafia game. TL
  2. The War to end all Freaktowns! Replaced rolandofthewhite ML Finally! Great game.
  3. Newbie 490 First time I was mafia. Flawless mafia win in D2
    1. Newbie 490.0.1 We lynched our mod (Mr. Flay) and the backup-suddenly-appointed mod (oEJo). Again, flawless mafia win.
  4. Mini 528 (Nervous Mafia) The mod doesn't want us to talk about it ever. ML
  5. Open 54 Flawless Mafia Win (we endgamed Glork BTW, and I feel very proud about it. Ether is not happy)
  6. Open 43 Replaced vapmyrusddg First time as Doc. TW
  7. Mafia 71 Replaced QuickBen TL
  8. Worse Idea Mafia Hilarious, but a Town Loss
  9. Newbie 565 First time as IC TL
  10. Elemental Mafia First time as Tracker. TW
  11. Newbie 715 TL

Wanna see more? Detailed games.

Games Modded

  1. Blind Tag Ready, Aim, Fire!
  2. Blind Tag Ready, Aim, Fire! 2
  3. Blind Tag Ready, Aim, Fire! 3
  4. Blind Tag Ready, Aim, Fire! 4
  5. Mini 581 - Andy's Death ( Wiki)
  6. Blind Tag Ready, Aim, Fire! 5

Game Record

Ripped off Ibaesha's page.


  • Total: 11
  • Win: 4
  • Lose: 7

W/L By Faction

  • Mafia Win: 2
  • Mafia Lose: 2
  • Town Win: 2
  • Town Lose: 5


  • Lynch: 3
  • Nightkill: 2
  • Endgame: 2
  • Survive: 3
  • Execution: 1


  • Townie: 5
  • Doc: 1
  • Tracker: 1
  • Goon: 4 under construction

Blind Tag: Ready, Aim, Fire!

Misc Subpages

/If real life were like mafia...
/Standard modding rules
/Mafia modding rules
/Useful Userscripts
/More Theory
/Let's Play! Final Fantasy Tactics

The following were created as subpages, but now they redirect to the actual article:

/Spam Fighting guide
Template:Mod checklist
/How to Mod 2.0 by GL

Funny/Strange Facts

  • I hit L-1 in page 1 in my first two newbie games, and the D1's lynch was based greatly on that on both games.
  • Newbie 490 has been the best post-game yet. We goons quicklynched our mod and the backup mod. That's where the heading comes from.
  • Andy's title Gets To Kill All Spammers comes from the fact that he usually kills used to hunt down spammers at the wiki AND is running the GTKAS queue.



blocked "User:ChenHuilin" with an expiry time of infinite: spammer

About me

*Sigh* Pro-town Mafiosos always get me. Well played Andy.
Dusk in Newbie 490
Andy is in the alive and the dead list.
PokerFace in some Ready, Aim, Fire! game.

About others

Backstabbing Germany is always the right move


(1:04:34 PM) OhGodMyLife: oman i'll be a girl for you
(1:04:43 PM) OmanOC: thank you, you're kind
(8:42:28 PM) soccerh888: they are retarde
(8:42:32 PM) soccerh888: *retarded