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This is the hydra account of "Almost50" & "Not Chara"
Almost: Who are we? We are two players who are "almost" invincible, but "not" quite. :P

This is the story of two players who met first in SU2* and each thought the other was playing in an "interesting" way that they wanted to take a peek into each others brain, so they decided to hydra.

From then on, we played as a hydra in the below shown games, and we have thus far achieved the unchallenged record of winning once as each alignment! LOL

Chara: "interesting" is a nice way of saying we're nothing alike in playstyle but get along anyway. at some point we'll figure out how to reliably win, too! hopefully. maybe. probably not. you should play with us anyway.

Finished Games
1- (Town - W) Steven Universe 2*
2- (Scum - L) Death Note
3- (Scum - W) WWE Mafia
4- (Town - L) Tatsuya's U-Pick
5- (Town – L) DoY I
7- (Town – W) Once Upon A Time
8- (Town - W) C9++
Total (W/L):
Town: 2/2 Mafia: 1/1 3rd P: 1/0