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MichelSableheart is a dutch gamer.
He stumbled upon the Mafiascum forums while doing a bit of background research for an article on the game of Mafia. After spending a couple of days reading the wiki and some recently finished games, he joined the site on may 31, 2007.
The first game he played in was Newbie 389, which was one of the longest newbie games at that time. Because he didn't want to join other games before he had finished at least one newbie game, it wasn't until the 11th of november before he joined his second game, and it took even longer for him to get into any non-newbie games.
During the summer of 2008, he completely disappeared from the site without prior notification, leaving two games hanging. He only returned during the end of may 2009.
After getting the hang of mafia again, Michel decided to try his hand at modding. The first game he moderated was Mini 892 - Mayor Mafia, which ran all throughout december 2009, finishing early january 2010.
Michel has made a habit of joining the site, playing a couple of games, and then disappearing for a year or two.
The name Michel is the french form of Michael. Unlike Michael, Michel does NOT have an 'a' in it.

Completed games

MichelSableheart has completed 40 games to date. An overview of these games can be found at Completed games

Games moderated

MichelSableheart has moderated 2 games. The full details of this game can be found at Moderated games

Ongoing games in which MichelSableheart is currently playing

Micro 828

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