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Prefer to be a Pro-Mafia Player. J promafia sign opt16.gif

Blah blah talking about myself.

My played games

Newbie games

Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Newbie 1661 Win Zaicon Roleblocker Mafia  Survived IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
2  Newbie 1668: Welcome to the Mafias Win Fraggernaut Vanilla Townie Town  Survived GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
3  Newbie 1719: Volcanic Mafia Win SirCakez Jailkeeper Town  Survived EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
4  Newbie 1740: MS Pain Loss Creature Vanilla Townie Town  Shot Night 4 EUNstar.pngUNstar.png

Open games

Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Blitz 11: Pick Your Power X/Y Win Rob13 Cop Town  Shot Night 3 HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
2  Blitz 15: Monks and Masons in Serona II Loss fferyllt Mason Town  Shot Night 1 FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
3  Open 645: C9++ Win Not_Mafia Goon Mafia  Shot Night 2 GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
4  Micro 639: Noughts and Crosses Blitz Loss Firebringer Vanilla Townie Town  Shot Night 2 JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
5  Open 654: Surrealism Loss Creature Goon Mafia  Mauled Night 1 GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
6  Micro 667: Chosen Mafia Win ChaosOmega Vanilla Townie Town  Survived IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
7  Open 679: Jungle Oligarchy Win davesaz Goon Mafia  Survived KUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
8  Open 680.1: C9++ Win davesaz Goon Mafia  Survived IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png