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Prefer to be a Pro-Mafia Player. J promafia sign opt16.gif

Hey all, I'm Umlaut.

My username is the same one I had on my old home site, where I first learned of Mafia in 2001 when mith introduced it there. I pretty much stopped playing when I stopped frequenting that site, and finally got around to joining in 2015 when I started missing the game. If you remember me from way back when, let me know!

I don't think I'm either an amazing or a terrible player, but I keep running into people saying I'm good (and usually scumreading me for it).


(If you want to leave a message on my page, do it here.)

My played games

Win Loss Draw % Faction
27 17 0 61.36%  as All Factions
18 14 0 56.25%  as Town
9 3 0 75%  as Mafia / Werewolves
0 0 0 0%  as Cult
0 0 0 0%  as Self-Aligned
Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Newbie 1661 Win Zaicon Roleblocker Mafia  Survived
2  Newbie 1668: Welcome to the Mafias Win Fraggernaut Vanilla Townie Town  Survived
3  Blitz 11: Pick Your Power X/Y Win Rob14 Cop Town  Shot Night 3
4  Blitz 15: Monks and Masons in Serona II Loss fferyllt Mason Town  Shot Night 1
5  Open 645: C9++ Win Not_Mafia Goon Mafia  Shot Night 2
6  Newbie 1719: Volcanic Mafia Win SirCakez Jailkeeper Town  Survived
7  Micro 634: Wolf Hunt Win SnarkySnowman 2-Shot Commuter Town  Survived
8  Micro 635: 09:12 Win shaddowez Vanilla Townie Town  Survived
9  Micro 639: Noughts and Crosses Blitz Loss Firebringer Vanilla Townie Town  Shot Night 2
10  Open 654: Surrealism Loss Creature Goon Mafia  Mauled Night 1
11  Newbie 1740: MS Pain Loss Creature Vanilla Townie Town  Shot Night 4
12  Mini 1858: Aeronaut's Drunken Christmas Party Win Aeronaut Stephen King (Cop) Town  Killed Night 2
13  Micro 667: Chosen Mafia Win ChaosOmega Townie Town  Survived
14  Mini 1852: The Most Bastard Game Loss vonflare Mason Town  Mauled Night 4
15  Open 679: Jungle Oligarchy Win davesaz Goon Mafia  Survived
16  Large Normal 202: Flavorful Mafia Loss Fro99er Vanilla Townie Town  Lynched Day 3
17  Open 680.1: C9++ Win ThinkBig Goon Mafia  Survived
18  Micro 706: Restrictive Mafia Loss Nexus Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed
19  Micro 716: Marked for Death #1 Win Toto Vanilla Townie Town  Lynched Day 1
20  Mini Normal 1919 Win ThinkBig Odd-Night Cop Town  Lynched Day 4
21  Open 692: Two-Fold Matrix6 Loss BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Town  Shot Night 5
22  Micro 724: Scumhunter's Speed: 9 Players Win ThinkBig Goon Mafia  Lynched Day 1
23  Mini 2014: Succinct Mafia Loss mastina Vanilla Townie Town  Shot Night 2
24  Micro 739: Nano-Multiball Loss BTD6_maker Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed
25  Micro 820: Truth and Justice Loss Micc 2-Shot Roleblocker Mafia  Lynched Day 3
26  Mini Normal 2139: No Flavor Allowed Win Ircher Vanilla Townie Town  Survived
27  Micro 938: Butterfly Mafia Win Datisi Goon Mafia  Survived
28  Micro 940: A Normal Blitz II Loss Micc Vanilla Townie Town  Lynched Day 3
29  Large Normal 288: Bananas Loss gobbledygook Jailkeeper Town  Shot Night 2
30  Newbie 2010: Pride Month Loss keyenpeydee Goon Mafia  Lynched Day 1
31  Newbie 2013: Water Win Datisi Goon Mafia  Survived
32  Smuggler's Port Win FakeGod Tomboy Daughter Town  Survived
33  Micro 956: 2of4 Loss Blair Vanilla Townie Town  Canceled Day 3
34  Newbie 2026: Space Win Plotinus Goon Mafia  Eliminated Day 2
35  Open 794: Pick Your Power X/Y Win Davesaz Vanilla Townie Town  Shot Night 3
36  Micro 968: Your Nightmare (But 4 Scarier) Win Jingle Losing Their Mind Town  Survived
37  Open 799: Chosen Mafia Loss T-Bone Vanilla Townie Town  Shot Night 1
38  Newbie 2040: The First Dark Age Loss fferyllt Vanilla Townie Town  Eliminated Day 1
39  Large Normal 230 Win SirCakez Vanilla Townie Town  Shot Night 3
40  Mini Normal 2191 Win Sirius9121 1-Shot Neighborizer Town  Survived
41  Mini Normal 2201: Silly Stock Photos Win Foxbird Goon Mafia  Executed Day 5
42  Mini Normal 2211: Summer Meet Win Cook Vanilla Townie Town  Shot Night 2
43  Open 816: C9++ Win Menalque Roleblocker Town  Shot Night 3
44  Newbie 2066: Gelato 2 Win fferyllt Friendly Neighbor Town  Survived

My modded games

Mini 2156: Launch Mob

Type Players Game ended on Winner(s)
Mini Normal 10 Day 4 Town
This is the simplest setup I've ever run except for maybe Mini 1922, and it went quite well. Kerset almost managed to carry the game solo after losing her partner on day 1, but in the end her PR claim was just not quite enough to keep her alive in lilo.

Newbie 2018: Ferrets

Type Players Game ended on Winner(s)
Newbie 9 Day 2 Town
The Mafia was mechanically stomped. They lost their Roleblocker on Day 1, and their Goon was jailkept on Night 1. Better luck next time, newbscum!

Micro 948: Noughts and Crosses Blitz

Type Players Game ended on Winner(s)
Micro 9 Night 2 Town
Mafia had all but lost mechanically after Dunnstral was the first one flipped, but really gave it their all and only threw in the towel after all avenues had been exhausted. Blair very nearly convinced an Innocent Child to lynch herself, which in my opinion is worth all the style points in the world.

Micro 818: Nano-Multiball

Type Players Game ended on Winner(s)
Micro 5 Day 2 Werewolf
I really like this setup and I think it deserves more play to see how balanced it is in practice. In the end Giygas won the old-fashioned way, by out-towning the townies in lylo.

Micro 817: Umlaut's “The Micro Normal Queue Is Empty” Special

Type Players Game ended on Winner(s)
Micro 9 Day 3 Mafia
Maybe someday I'll design a closed setup that will actually run as intended, as opposed to one side just mopping the floor with the other. This was not that day.

Newbie 1884: Expressionism

Type Players Game ended on Winner(s)
Newbie 9 Day 4 Town

Mini 1922: Bondage & Discipline

Type Players Game ended on Winner(s)
Mini Theme 13 Day 3 Mafia
Players had a finite number of posts available per day. I think this more or less worked as intended, and I don't believe it significantly hindered the town (the game went to final 3, and Vedith won by legitimately outplaying the town rather than by taking advantage of the mechanic somehow). I'm not sure if anyone would want to play it again though -- if nothing else, all-vanilla games are usually not that popular.

Micro 723: Untitled

Type Players Game ended on Winner(s)
Micro 9 Day 3 Mafia
Yet another Mafia curb stomp, this time thanks to town quickhammering town on early day 1 leading to a policy lynch on day 2, followed by another townie claiming a role that was literally impossible in a normal game. The game ran less than a week.

Micro 695: Scumhunter's Speed 8p

Type Players Game ended on Winner(s)
Micro 9 Day 3 Mafia
This was a slaughter. Day 1 ended on the first page when ThinkBig realized he had no reason not to quickhammer as scum in this setup, leaving the town with absolutely nothing to go on the next day. No one so much as voted for scum the entire game.

Micro 691: Just Mafia

Type Players Game ended on Winner(s)
Micro 9 Day 2 Town
Town lynched the scum PR day 1 and then the jailkeeper successfully jailed the remaining goon overnight. Kind of a disappointing outcome after a full week spent tweaking the balance with the NRG.

Open 661: Pick Your Poison

Type Players Game ended on Winner(s)
Open 13 Day 5 Town
The Mafia had a rough start, with one of them being lynched Day 1 and confirmed town popping up at a dangerous rate, but culted managed to carry through to 3-player lylo and very nearly won the game.