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These are my buddies... <3

  • AngryPidgeon – This guy's a bro. As amiable and talkative in real life as he is in games, and funny too.
  • ArcAngel9 – She's a graphically-talented, friendly, funny girl characterized by endearing idiosyncracy.
  • Axxle – He's a good player, an accurate vig, has great hair, and is a fun guy to hang around with IRL.
  • BBmolla – A very talented individual: he does voiceover, Flash videos, and he's not bad at mafia either!
  • Brandi – She's extremely cool, understands my IRL play best, and is one of the nicest people I know.
  • d3x – This guy's been causing me problems for years. I can never read him right. But he's nice as hell.
  • DrippingGoofball – I don't even know what to say about DGB. Quick-witted, artistic, hilarious, awesome.
  • drmyshotgun – He runs very fun games, plays mafia pretty well, and is extremely easy to read as town!
  • Faraday – He has a unique sense of self, is a fun guy to be around, and is knowledgeable about mafia.
  • gorckat – This man rules the discussion boards with an iron fist – of friendship, happiness, and mirth!
  • Guy_Named_Riggs – A fantastic fellow, full of frolicking fun! Our friendship is extraordinarily fulfilling.
  • Jal – I like Jal. A lot. I'm not entirely sure why. I think it's probably because she reminds me of myself.
  • Katsuki – An interesting, contemplative guy with good taste in music, and quite fun to play mafia with.
  • Klick – The rumors are true! He's gotten much better at mafia, and he gameflakes 17% less than before!
  • kuribo – I used to hate kuribo, but his constant snark and hilarious irreverence have finally won me over.
  • LlamaFluff – A level-headed, reasonable, steady sort of man. I like and respect that. Also, he's a brony.
  • Maestro – Snarky, yet satisfying! I love this guy at a level which I love very few other people on MafiaScum.
  • Majiffy – I get a real kick out of watching this crazy guy play, and it's a lot of fun to play with him as well.
  • Malakittens – She's quite nice, and smart too! Beware her sneaky side though, she'll stab you in the back!
  • MattP – This guy's interesting, we have eerily similar play styles, minus his wanton fake-claiming bullshit.
  • Mastermind of Sin – He's a capital fellow, in just about every way imaginable. I greatly enjoy his company.
  • Nachomamma8 – The epitome of American men. He fancies himself my father; who am I to argue? 'Merica!
  • Nikanor – This lovable gentleman is the embodiment of class and substance. He's fun, friendly, and smart.
  • Om of the Nom – An underaged chap with an impressionable attitude, he is nonetheless sharp and witty.
  • Panzerjager – I can always tell when this guy is town. No, really. He's also like a big fuzzy teddy bear.
  • pirate mollie – Polite, friendly, (at least, outside games) down-to-earth, and actually pretty good at mafia.
  • Patrick – I can always tell when this guy is scum. No, really. Also, he's the spittin' image of Harry Potter!
  • RachMarie – She's a very thoughtful and helpful person, and time and again has a joy to play mafia with.
  • singersigner – An earnest, honest, generous individual, who I respect and admire for a multitude of reasons.
  • sotty7 – She's a fun mafia player, a good game moderator, and is a lot of fun to play with in Counter-Strike.
  • TeChNoWC – An understanding, understandable guy, who I like a lot. We'd be excellent friends in real life.
  • Venmar – If you've ever wanted to read mountains of flavor, Venmar's your guy! Also, he's a very cool cat!
  • Viomi – An awesome person, easygoing, who is pretty easy to read in mafia, which can be a good thing!
  • Also, I love each and every member of the Cult of UberNinja <3

Uber's Graffiti wall ... leave a note!

  • MS is not the same without you babe, COME BACK, Miss you :(, Lots of love, ArcAngel9
  • I can't imagine without a player like UBER - ArcAngel9
  • You rock Uber! - drmyshotgun
  • Dis guy. Dis guy I gave 7/7 asses. - Kcdaspot
  • All the retro gaming support that you will ever need! - CooLDoG
  • You taught me a LOT, especially in Newbie 1206 - RachMarie
  • Cheers to being the rightful misunderstood in Scummer of Love Invitational, you owe me that hydra some day - MattP
  • When you're not dicking around, you're a damn good mafia player. - BBmolla
  • Lynching scum with UberNinja is like helping Van Gogh cut off his ear. You know it's going to end with a masterpiece. - Maestro
  • When your role is scum, and über isn't your partner... The best way to not lose is to just quit. - Chrimi
  • Thanks for winning the game for us in Newbie 1249, and sorry I didn't jail you N1 :D - Linguine
  • Thank you for everything I've learned from you. - Loranthaceae
  • Uber is one of the best scum players I've been involved with. I still wish I could undo what I did to you in Newbie 1201. - Jackal711
  • Plays like an uber ninja. - triangle123
  • Definitely one of the best. Looking forward to future mafia games with UN. - fuzzybutternut