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Two-Fold C9

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  • Twofold C9
Setup Size:
  • 12
Setup Type:
  • Anonymous

Two-fold C9 is an variable Open Setup Day Start game.


The base setup includes 8 Townies, 2 Mafia, and 2 Werewolves. From there, the following calculations are made to determine which power role modules are given out:

  • Determine the number of anti-Mafia modules to be given out:
    • 2/3 chance of ONE module
    • 1/6 chance of NO modules
    • 1/6 chance of TWO modules
  • Determine WHICH modules are to be given out:
    • 1/3 chance for each of Cop, Doctor, and Tracker for determining the first module
    • 5/12 chance for each of the modules NOT chosen first and 1/6 chance for the first-chosen module for determining the second module
  • Determine who gets the modules:
    • Each module is given to a random player chosen from the Townies or Werewolves.
  • Repeat all steps for anti-Werewolf modules (Seer, Sorcerer, and Wolfstalker respectively), distributing them to the Townies and Mafia.

This setup was used in Open 218.


This setup carries no relation or resemblance to Twofold Mafia.


Open 218 - (Mafia Win)