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Turf War

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  • Turf War
Setup Size:
  • 8
Setup Type:


8 players:
2 Mafia Neighbors/1-shot Roleblockers
6 Town Neighbors

12 players:
3 Mafa Neighbors/1-shot Roleblockers
9 Town Neighbors


  • Normal lynch mechanics
  • Everyone is paired into neighborhoods, including the mafia.
  • Neighborhoods are organized using, and it is possible to have a neighborhood consisting of two mafia neighbors, two town neighbors, or one of each.


  • Each neighborhood shares a vigilante ability that can be used each night.
  • If one neighbor dies, that neighborhood loses the ability to shoot.
  • Neighbors must agree on their target, or no action will be taken. They may also agree to target no one. Neighbors may not shoot themselves or their neighbors.
  • Neighbors must also agree on who performs the action, if a target is chosen/agreed upon.

Mafia Faction

  • Each member of the mafia has a 1-shot roleblocking ability they may use on anyone, including a faction partner (but not themselves), once during the game.
  • Mafia do not have a standard nightkill; however, the faction may choose a nightkill target that will take effect only if all neighborhoods do not target anyone for a shot.
  • Each member of the mafia will be paired with a neighbor.


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