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Hello, my name is Trendall. I am a player on mafiascum.

Previous games

Here are my previous games. I believe I was a villager in all of them. I don't like to read my previous games at all because I am hotheaded and rude to people in them. Nowadays I try to remain calm.

Generally I replace out of about half the games I join.


Newbie 977 - A Death In Sudotopia - First game, don't really remember

Newbie 989 - Dead Serious - Don't remember this game and haven't read it back

Newbie 1024 - Minimalist Mafia - Town lost but I knew who the mafia were. I will never forget this game and this 'Mastin' guy for as long as I live.


Newbie 1053 - Perfect town win. Quickest game ever. This is maybe the one game on the site where I play well.

Newbie 1066 - Don't remember this game

Newbie 1075 - Replaced out after day one. Looks as though everybody in the game annoyed me.

Newbie 1084 - Chamber a084 - Seems as though I replace out of this but I'm not sure why

Newbie 1094: Let us simulate. - I don't remember this game but it seems as though I replace out because I find another player annoying and decide not to play for 6 years


Newbie 1793 - I replace out of this because some guy insults me and don't play again for a further year


Newbie 1893- This was a rare game that I actually enjoyed playing. I get lynched on day one and for the entire game I don't really ever come close to figuring out who the mafia is and the mafia play exceptionally well. But most importantly on the whole this was a really pleasant group of people to play with.


Apparently I have played other types of games than newbie games but I don't really care about those. I had a look at a mini game I was in from years ago, and within two pages it had descended into everybody calling each other 'fucking morons'. This sort of thing isn't a constructive use of my time I'm afraid, and I imagine all non-newbie games are like this, so I will stick to the newbie ones.

Current Games


I will update this page at some point when I think of exciting things to put on it.