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Town Leader

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A Town Leader is a player who is most effective in leading the Town. The traits that make a player stand out as a Town leader include, but are not limited to:

  • Knowledge of and experience with the game of Mafia
  • Frequent posting
  • Being opinionated
  • Likelihood of being Town (or at least seen as much)
  • Having previously found scum in the current game
  • Not being as deer-in-headlights clueless as everyone else is acting

These leaders are in practice more likely to be Town-aligned. Scum will usually not step up to lead the Town unless there are no players playing a leadership role.

Effective Town leaders are good at organizing the Town players into voting blocs that maximize the Town's power to work together. However, effective or accurate Town leaders have a nasty tendency to die fairly quickly, so they must act decisively while they are still alive.