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Tournament is a simple 8 player game, that is partly to do with discussion, alliances and so on. Players can converse in public (or private) and at any point challenge a player to a game. The game is then voted on in groups it is either poker or chess. The higher seed of this game wins and advances to the next round (in the theoretical). And in the Practical they actually play the game. In point distribution players split their scores to decide on their own seeding.

Theoretical Editions

In Theoretical the seeding is symmetrical, and random, so the best at chess will be the worst at Poker.

Max's First

Player Round Eliminated Opponent Chess Seed Poker Seed
Xdaamno Winner Chenshi 7 2
Chenshi Final Xdaamno 2 7
farside22 Round 2 Xdaamno 1 8
Hybris Round 2 Chenshi 6 3
Cybele Round 1 farside22 8 1
UltimateAvalon Round 1 Xdaamno 4 5
ZazieR Round 1 Hybris 3 6
Animorpherv1 Round 1 Chenshi 5 4

Practical Editions

In the practical edition each game is actually played so chess is played when chess is selected and poker is played when poker is selected. This version was invented by Max

The First Edition